What Is The Legal Tint In Nevada?

  1. Legal Tint in Nevada Windshield: Above the AS-1 line, the use of non-reflective tint is permitted.
  2. VLT equal to 35% on the front and side windows Any percentage of the VLT for the backside windows Any percentage of the VLT for the rear window Regulations Regarding the Window Tint Law in Nevada Nevada Tint Laws – Medical Exemption The state of Nevada does provide for a medical exemption; however, applicants must fill out an application in order to be excluded from the window tinting law.

Windshield: A non-reflective tint may be applied over the AS-1 line established by the manufacturer. More than 35 percent of the light must be let to enter via the front and side windows. Back and side windows can have any darkness applied to them. Darkness of any kind may be employed for the rear window.

What is the legal tint limit in Nevada for cars?

  1. The legal maximum allowable level of tint for passenger cars under Nevada law.
  2. Above the AS-1 line on the front windshield, you are permitted to use a tint that does not reflect light.
  3. It is permissible to have a tint darkness of up to 35 percent on the front seat side windows, with a tolerance of 7 percent; It is permissible to put any shade or depth of tint on the back seat side windows; It is permissible to employ a tint of any darkness on the rear window.

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