What Is The Population Of Pahrump Nevada?

Pahrump, Nevada has a total population of 37,300 people, of which 96.9 percent are citizens.Pahrump is located in Nye County.As of the year 2019, 6.36 percent of Pahrump, Nevada’s citizens were born in a nation other than the United States (2.37k people).In 2019, there were 29.4 thousand inhabitants in Pahrump, Nevada who identified as White (non-Hispanic), making up 11.2 times more of the city’s population than any other race or ethnicity.

What is the median age in Pahrump Nevada?

Pahrump has a median age of 54.8 years, with men having a median age of 54.3 years and females having a typical age of 55.6 years.According to our calculations and the most recent estimates provided by the US Census, Pahrump, Nevada has a current population of 37,298 people.The population was estimated to be 37,298 by the United States Census in 2018.The population was counted as 36,441 at the most recent official census, which was carried out in 2010.

Is Pahrump Nevada unincorporated?

American state of Nevada; location of an unincorporated community. In the United States of America, the unincorporated community known as Pahrump (/prmp/) is located in Nye County. With a total population of 36,441 people as of the year 2010, it was the most populous municipality in the county.

What does Pahrump mean?

Pahrump (/ prmp / p-RUMP) is an unincorporated town in Nye County, Nevada, United States of America.It is situated near the southernmost part of Nye County and is approximately 100 kilometers (62 miles) west of Las Vegas, Nevada.Pahrump is located close to the state line between Nevada and California, and the population of the surrounding region was 36,174 in 2018.The Southern Paiute people were the first known inhabitants of Pahrump.

Is Pahrump Republican or Democrat?

In the most recent presidential election, 69.1 percent of voters in Nye county supported the Republican candidate, while just 28.7 percent supported the Democratic candidate. Additional Voting Statistics Pahrump has a total population of 40,014 residents. Since the year 2020, there has been a decrease of 0.8 percent in the total population.

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Is Pahrump a good place to live?

Pahrump is becoming increasingly popular among retirees as a destination of choice in the state of Nevada. According to a research, Pahrump is the fourth best location to retire in the state, moving up from the fifth best place to retire in the state, which it was rated in the same survey in 2018, when it was ranked in 2018.

What is Pahrump Nevada known for?

Modern day Pahrump is one of the western municipalities that is expanding at one of the highest rates. Its new urban characteristics are obvious from Highway 160. There are five bright casinos, as well as local coffee bars and tasting rooms that are busier than they have ever been at Pahrump Valley Winery, Artesian Cellars, and Sanders Family Winery.

Is it cheap to live in Pahrump Nevada?

The cost of housing in Pahrump receives a score of 9 out of 10 because it is less costly than the average cost of housing in the United States. The most costly dwelling is indicated by a score of 1, while the least expensive is indicated by a score of 10.

Is Pahrump a good investment?

The most recent data that is available indicates that the value of real estate in Pahrump has increased by approximately 155 percent over the course of the past ten years alone. This ranking places the unincorporated town in the top 10 percent of all areas in the United States for which real estate values have increased exponentially.

What is the cost of living in Pahrump Nevada?

The cost of living in Pahrump is 91.0.

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COST OF LIVING Pahrump Nevada
Overall 91 110.5
Grocery 100.6 100.3
Health 85.2 92.4
Housing 80.9 127.5

What’s the coldest month in Pahrump Nevada?

Temperature that is Typical for Pahrump December in Pahrump is the month with the lowest average temperatures, with lows of 35 degrees Fahrenheit and highs of 56 degrees Fahrenheit.

Is Pahrump hotter than Las Vegas?

Pahrump has weather that is generally three to five degrees colder than Las Vegas on a daily basis due to its greater elevation.

Does it flood in Pahrump NV?

Wildfire is projected to be Pahrump’s greatest threat over the next thirty years, taking into account both the city’s history and its current and future conditions. Over the next three decades, flooding is anticipated to have a significant negative impact on 7,633 homes located in Pahrump.

Why is it called Pahrump?

The Southern Paiute Indians were the first people to settle in the area that is now known as Pahrump.Beginning in the late 19th century, people began to gradually populate the area.It is said that they adopted the name Pahrump after the old Southern Paiute name Pah-Rimpi, which translates to ″Water Rock.″ This name was given to the valley because there are a large number of artesian wells in the area.

What is the average electric bill in Pahrump NV?

Pahrump’s Average Monthly Cost of Living

Restaurants Edit
Utilities (Monthly) Edit
Basic (Electricity, Heating, Cooling, Water, Garbage) for 915 sq ft Apartment 185.74$
1 min. of Prepaid Mobile Tariff Local (No Discounts or Plans) 0.15$
Internet (60 Mbps or More, Unlimited Data, Cable/ADSL) 53.33$

How much does it cost to build a house in Pahrump NV?

A Glance at the New Real Estate Market in Pahrump, Nevada

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Average Price $369,632
Price Per Square Foot $211
Home Builders 3
Builders in Pahrump Taylor Morrison Richmond American Homes D.R. Horton
Customizable Options in Pahrump

Where is the cheapest to live in Nevada?

The 10 most cheap areas to live in Nevada according to real estate

  1. Spring Creek, NV. The typical amount spent on closing is $4,638
  2. Sun Valley, NV. The typical amount spent on closing is $3,097
  3. Winnemucca, NV. The typical amount spent on closing is $4,302
  4. Fernley, Nevada The typical amount spent on closing is $3,838.
  5. Elko, NV.
  6. Located in Nevada’s North Las Vegas
  7. Silver Springs, NV.
  8. Pahrump, NV.

Is Pahrump up and coming?

With a population that is getting close to 35,000, Pahrump is quickly becoming the rural town in the United States that is expanding at the quickest rate. Over the past seven years, the town has maintained an annual growth rate of 15 percent. With a growth rate of 3.8 percent, Nevada outpaced every other state in the US this year in terms of population expansion.

What kind of town is Pahrump Nevada?

Pahrump is a wonderful example of an old-fashioned, libertarian American town that the people from California have not yet managed to eradicate. Pahrump is about half an hour away from Las Vegas and contains everything you could possibly want, with the exception of medical services, which must be obtained in Vegas.

How big is Pahrump Nevada?

The city of Pahrump, Nevada may be found in the southeastern most part of Nye County. It is situated sixty miles to the west of Las Vegas, Nevada, and sixty miles to the east of Death Valley. Pahrump has a length of around 35 miles and a width of between 8 and 15 miles, giving it an area of roughly 364 square miles.

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