What Is The State Animal Of New Hampshire?

It is officially decided that the white-tailed deer will serve as the emblematic animal of the state of New Hampshire. In 1983, the white-tailed deer, sometimes referred to as the Virginia deer, was selected as the official state animal of Virginia. The deer is widespread over the continent of North America.

What is the state mammal of New Hampshire?

The following states have designated the White-tailed deer, also known as Odocoileus virginianus, as their official state mammal and/or animal: This adorable creature has been very important to the history of New Hampshire’s state government.

Why is the white tail deer the state animal of NH?

The species was initially collected and reported from the state of Virginia, which is referred to in the Latinized name for the species as virginianus (of Virginia). The statute in the New Hampshire Statutes that makes the white-tailed deer the official state animal of New Hampshire may be found in Title 1, Chapter 3, Section 3:12 of those statutes.

What is the state flower of New Hampshire?

New Hampshire’s official state flower is the lilac, which is a kind of purple lilac. On May 28, 1919, its status was elevated to that of an official designation. Apple blossoms, wood lilies, goldenrods, wild pasture roses, buttercups, purple asters, and evening primroses are some of the other flowers that vied for the title.

What is the state animal of Virginia?

In 1983, the white-tailed deer, often known as the Virginia deer (Odocoileus virginianus), was designated as the official state animal of Virginia. The deer is widespread over the continent of North America.

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What’s New Hampshire’s state fruit?

The Wells Memorial Elementary School in Harrisville was the driving force behind making the pumpkin the official state fruit of North Carolina. The New Hampshire State Library is responsible for compiling the New Hampshire Almanac using data taken from state legislation as well as other sources that are cited.

What is New Hampshire’s state symbol?

The deer with the white tail. Adopted in the year 1983

What animals is New Hampshire known for?

  • In the woods, there is a good chance that you may come across a fox, bobcat, white-tailed deer, muskrat, and beaver.
  • Small wild creatures including rabbits, shrews, opossums, and rodents fall under this category.
  • In addition to that, it contains a wide variety of fish that are typical of New England, such as clams, Atlantic cod, salmon, and oysters.
  • Porpoises, whales, and harbor seals can be found in the coastal seas of this country.

What is New Hampshire’s state bird and state flower?


Type Symbol Year
Bird Purple finch Haemorhous purpureus 1957
Raptor Red-tailed Hawk Buteo jamaicensis 2019
Flower Purple lilac Syringa vulgaris 1919
Tree White birch Betula papyrifera 1947

What is New Hampshire state vegetable?

After learning that in 1719, an Irish immigrant brought a sack of seed potatoes to the area, making New Hampshire the first state to cultivate the white potato, Derry Village Elementary School in Derry was responsible for getting the white potato named as the state vegetable. Derry Village Elementary School in Derry is located in the town of Derry.

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What is New Hampshire nickname?

It is generally referred to as the Granite State because to the enormous granite formations and quarries that are located inside the state. However, it is also known by three other nicknames, including Mother of River, the White Mountain State, and Switzerland of America. 3.

Who is the most famous person from New Hampshire?

  1. Here are the top 10 most famous people to come from the state of New Hampshire. Adam Sandler. It is impossible to dispute that Adam Sandler has done very well for himself after growing up in Manchester, New Hampshire, regardless of whether or not you like his movies.
  2. The singer Mandy Moore
  3. Author John Irving
  4. Author: Dan Brown
  5. Robert Frost.
  6. Sarah Silverman.
  7. The late Alan Shepard

What food is New Hampshire known for?

  1. Apple cider donuts are one of the 10 iconic foods that may be found in the state of New Hampshire. Via Tsuji/flickr.
  2. Venison. Alex Gomez/flickr.
  3. Spiked Cider. Petritent/flickr.
  4. Clam Chowder. jpelligan/flickr.
  5. Apple Pie. Flickr photo by Invisible Helicopter
  6. Maple Syrup. Chiorot’sRun/flickr.
  7. Yogurt. Rebecca Seigel/flickr.
  8. Moonlight Meadery/Flickr photo of mead

Are wolves in New Hampshire?

In the early 1800s, New Hampshire was successful in wiping out its wolf population. At this time, the eastern wolf population that is located closest to you may be found in Quebec, which is located north of the St. Lawrence River.

What is the NH state Wildflower?

It is hereby determined that the pink lady’s slipper, also known as Cypripedium acaule, should serve as the official state wildflower of the state of New Hampshire. The Pink Lady’s Slipper was selected as the official wildflower of the state in the year 1991. This kind of plant is indigenous to New Hampshire and may be found growing in the state’s damp and forested regions.

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What is a fun fact about New Hampshire?

The first state to establish its own constitution was New Hampshire, which did so in 1788. It is stated that the weather at the peak of Mount Washington in New Hampshire is the worst that can be found anywhere in the world. At this location, a wind speed of 231 miles per hour was measured, which set a world record.

What is on the NH flag?

On a blue field, the state seal of New Hampshire is centered, and the flag of the state of New Hampshire is blue with the seal. The United States frigate USS Raleigh is shown on the Great Seal, which is encircled by a wreath of laurel with nine stars.

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