What Percent Tint Is Legal In Mississippi?

Regarding passenger automobiles, a tint of 20 is considered prohibited in the state of Mississippi. In accordance with Mississippi state law, the maximum amount of window tint that may be applied to a car in the state is 72 percent. On the other hand, if we are talking about MPVs (Multi-Purpose Vehicles), then this statement is not accurate.

Windshield: A non-reflective tint may be applied over the AS-1 line established by the manufacturer. More than 28 percent of the light must be permitted to enter via the front and side windows. Back and side windows can have any darkness applied to them. Darkness of any kind may be employed for the rear window.

What is the window tint law in Mississippi?

In accordance with the laws of Mississippi pertaining to window tint, the following are permitted: A non-reflective tint may be installed at the upper edge of the windshield, above the AS-1 line established by the manufacturer. It is required that more than 28 percent of the available light be let in.

What percentage of window tint is legal in each state?

  • Laws Governing the Minimum Acceptable Amount of Window Tint in the United States, Broken Down by State Front Side Windows Back Side Windows Rear Windows Windshield Alabama 32 percent 32 percent 32 percent 6 inches Alaska 70 percent 40 percent 40 percent 15 centimeters Arizona 33 percent any and any tinting permitted all the way up to the top of the manufactured Arkansas 25 percent 25 percent 10 percent 15 centimeters 12 more rows

What are the windshield tinting laws?

The portion of the windshield that may be tinted legally or the maximum quantity of tint that may be applied to the complete windshield is referred to as the windshield tinting laws, and they vary based on the legislation of each state. Here are the laws about window tinting, including the degree of darkness that is allowed by law in your state.

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Are You a lawyer for window tinting?

  • We are not legal professionals.
  • We would be pleased to provide you with a list of law firms to contact if you are interested in obtaining legal counsel concerning the laws and traffic tickets that apply to the use of window tint in your region.
  • Before you tint the windows of your vehicle, it is essential that you not only grasp the regulations of the state, but also the laws of your local municipality.

What is the darkest tint allowed in Mississippi?

  1. After some time, in 2006, they were revised. Non-reflective tint that is applied above the AS-1 line established by the manufacturer is permitted under the tint law for passenger vehicles in the state of Mississippi.
  2. Front seat side windows: up to 28 percent tint darkness permitted
  3. Back seat side windows: up to 28 percent tint darkness permitted
  4. Rear window: up to 28 percent tint darkness permissible

How much is a tint ticket in MS?

General Categories of Infractions

Offense Ticket Price
Seatbelt Violation $75.00
Switched Tag $649.25
Tag – none/expired $249.25
Window Tint Violation $249.25

How do I get a tint exemption in Mississippi?

Medical Window Tint Exemptions Available in Mississippi References A certificate of medical exemption must be posted on the dashboard of the vehicle. This document must be on a form that was created by the Commissioner of Public Safety and must have the signature of the person on whose behalf it was granted. The form for the medical exemption is not made available online.

What’s the darkest tint?

The combination of the window, which has a transmission rate of 77 percent, and the film, which has a transmission rate of 43 percent, results in a tint that is 35 percent as dark as it may legally be.

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How do I get a tint sticker in Mississippi?

Please call us at (601) 487-7070 if you need assistance locating a tint compliance station in your area. Additionally, it is the responsibility of this agency to disseminate information on tint compliance to the general public. Stickers indicating that a vehicle has passed inspection are no longer required in the state of Mississippi as of the 1st of July, 2015.

What are ceramic tints?

Ceramic particles are deposited onto the material, despite the fact that it is made using the same sort of sheets as traditional window film. Ceramic Window Tint does not include any metal, dye, or carbon; rather, it is composed of a type of ceramic particle that is neither conductive nor metallic and is also nonmetallic.

How much is a ticket for dark tint in Mississippi?

In Mississippi, window tinting tickets for illegally dark window film can result in fines of up to $1,000 and even lead to jail time of up to three months. In the worst case scenario, the offender could receive both a fine and a jail sentence. For this reason, it is extremely important to understand VLT numbers.

Can you go to jail for a speeding ticket in Mississippi?

In Mississippi, receiving a speeding ticket does not result in a jail sentence.

What is colorless window tint?

The modifications to the rules that regulate the tinting of the front window People who have medical issues that need them to be protected from the sun’s ultraviolet radiation are required by the state of California to have material installed on the windows of their vehicles that is clear, colorless, and transparent.

What is the legal tint in Alabama?

  • Only the top six inches of the front windshield are allowed to have any tint applied to them.
  • Transparency is required of the substance that is applied.
  • Tinting may be applied to any and all other windows (side and rear), provided that it permits at least 32 percent of light transmission with a tolerance of 3 percent.
  • It is possible that the reflective material will reflect no more than twenty percent of the light.
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What is AS1 line?

The AS-1 lines are parallel to the top of the windshield of your vehicle, or they are a line that is five inches beneath and parallel to the top of your glass. This is referring to the region just above the rear-view mirror, which is typically referred to as the visor strip in most cars.

Is 35 or 20 tint darker?

  • A shade that is 35 percent opaque will make it darker, but it will still allow you to see through it easily.
  • Drivers enjoy this tint because of its fashionable and sophisticated overall appearance.
  • If you are tinting your windows for the goal of increasing seclusion, a 20 percent tint is a perfect choice.
  • If you get really near to windows that have a 20 percent tint, you might be able to see through them, but it will be tough.

What does 30% tint mean?

  • A window tint with a percentage of 30 indicates that, once applied, the film blocks out 30 percent of the light that would otherwise pass through the glass.
  • To put it another way, a tint that is thirty percent opaque prevents seventy percent of the light from penetrating the glass.
  • The percentage of tint relates to visible light transmission, also known as VLT, which measures the amount of light that is permitted to flow through a window film.

What is factory tint percentage?

A window shade tint that is twenty percent is sometimes referred to as ″Factory Tint.″ Windows that were tinted while the automobile was being produced often have a shade that ranges from 15 percent to 26 percent.

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