What Planting Zone Is Mississippi?

Mississippi is in USDA plant hardiness zones 7-9.

What growing zones are in Mississippi?

The Plant, Tree, and Shrub Growing Zones of the State of Mississippi According to the Mississippi USDA planting map, the state is divided into five different zones: 7a, 7b, 8a, and 8b as well as 9a.Mississippi has a climate that is generally considered to be moderate.Gardeners often enjoy a longer growing season in these zones since a greater variety of plants, trees, and shrubs are able to flourish there.

What climate zone is 8b in Mississippi?

Zone 8b. 15°F to 20°F. This interactive version of the USDA Hardiness Zone Map is based on the version that was published in 1990. It includes the state of Mississippi, which extends from USDA Zone 7a to USDA Zone 8b.

What are plant hardiness zones?

A map that is commonly referred to as the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map depicts planting zones as well as growth zones.The Department of Agriculture of the United States of America has split the geography of the United States into regions that range from planting zone 1A all the way up to planting zone 13B.These are regions where the lowest temperatures may vary from -70 degrees Fahrenheit to +70 degrees Fahrenheit.

How do I Find my planting zone in Alabama?

You may also just input your zip code into the box that is located below the map, and it will tell you which planting zone you are in.The summers in Alabama are extremely hot, while the winters are pleasant.However, the southern region of the state is often warmer than the northern region due to its proximity to the Gulf of Mexico, while the northern region, particularly the Appalachian Mountains, is typically colder.

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What growing zone is Jackson MS?

Hardiness Zone 8a is where Jackson, Mississippi may be found on the USDA map.

What planting zone is Hattiesburg MS?

Both USDA Hardiness Zones 8a and 8b may be found in the Hattiesburg, Mississippi area.

What is growing zone for Gulf Coast Mississippi?

The USDA Hardiness Zones 8b and 9a are both represented in the Gulfport, Mississippi area.

What climate zone is South Mississippi?

A humid subtropical climate best describes the state of Mississippi’s weather.The winters in this region are often mild and relatively short, whereas the summers are typically quite hot and humid.The likelihood of seeing significant snowfall is low, although the amount of precipitation rises as one travels from the north to the south.

  • The wettest and most humid regions are those that are located closest to the Gulf.

What plant zone is Tupelo MS?

The USDA designates the area around Tupelo, Mississippi as having a hardiness zone of 7b.

What plant zone is Bay St Louis MS?

USDA Hardiness Zones 9a are present in the Louis, Mississippi area.

What zone is Starkville MS?

USDA Hardiness Zones 7b and 8a are both represented in the Starkville, Mississippi area.

What zone is Madison Mississippi?

The USDA designates the area around Madison, Mississippi as having a Hardiness Zone 8a.

What planting zone is Vicksburg MS?

Both USDA Hardiness Zones 8a and 8b may be found in the Vicksburg, Mississippi area.

What planting zone is Gulfport MS?

Hardiness Zones 8b and 9a cover the area that corresponds to the 39503 zip code in Gulfport, Mississippi.

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What planting zone is Biloxi Mississippi?

The USDA designates the area surrounding Biloxi, Mississippi as Hardiness Zone 9a.

What planting zone is Ocean Springs Mississippi?

The USDA has assigned the 9a Hardiness Zone to Ocean Springs, Mississippi.

What zone is DeSoto County Mississippi?

Related Maps of the Mississippi:

Mississippi Location USDA Hardiness Zone(s)
DeSoto County Zone 7b, 8a
Diamondhead Zone 9a
Doddsville Zone 8a
Drew Zone 8a

When should I start a garden in Mississippi?

Winter. It is suggested by the University of Mississippi Extension to plant sweet peas in January in beds that have been prepared. In the month of February, seedlings of cool-season vegetables, such as broccoli, onion, collards, cauliflower, beets, and radishes, can be started inside in seed frames and then subsequently transplanted outside.

What growing zone is Picayune Mississippi?

Hardiness Zones 8b cover the area around the 39466 zip code in Picayune, Mississippi.

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