What Was The Purpose Of The New Jersey Plan?

Plan for New Jersey The New Jersey Plan was a proposal to modify the form of the government that was put up during the Constitutional Convention in 1787. It was conceived as a response to the Virginia Plan, which, due to its inherent bias, caused worry among the smaller states.

The New Jersey Plan was one of the potential strategies that may have been used to administer the United States.Instead than basing the number of votes in Congress on the total number of people living in a state, the plan proposed giving each state a single vote.On June 15, 1787, a New Jersey delegate named William Paterson was the one who brought it up for discussion at the Constitutional Convention.

What was the New Jersey Plan and why was it proposed?

Paterson and a group of delegates from the smaller states brought the New Jersey Plan to the Convention on June 15, 1787, offering it as an alternative to the Virginia Plan. Paterson aspired to make sure that the smaller states in the Union had the same amount of influence as the larger states.

What was Paterson’s goal in the New Jersey Plan?

Paterson’s objective was to devise a strategy that would make it possible for less populous states to participate in legislative affairs on the national level. Under the New Jersey Plan, the federal government would be comprised of a single legislative house, and within that house, each state would have a single vote.

Why was the New Jersey Plan a unicameral legislature?

The New Jersey Plan inherited from the Articles of Confederation a unicameral legislature with one vote per state.This voting system was established under the New Jersey Plan.This viewpoint expressed the notion that the states were autonomous entities and that they remained such, as they entered the United States of America freely and independently, reflecting the belief that the states were independent entities.

Who supported the New Jersey Plan and Virginia Plan?

There were delegates present at the meeting who represented some of the Union’s least populous states, and they were among those who supported the New Jersey Plan.They were concerned that if the Virginia Plan were put into action, their states would have very little influence over the laws that would be enacted in the country that would be formed from their union.Which other states were on board with the New Jersey Plan?

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