When Did France Begin Explorations In The Mississippi River Valley?

The French embarked on a period of exploration in the early 1600s along waterways that connected the Great Lakes and the Mississippi River. Some of these waterways included the Fox and Wisconsin rivers. Along the important routes that had been in use for commerce by indigenous people for a long time, they constructed forts, missions, and trading posts.

Although it is believed that French smugglers known as coureurs de bois reached the northern Mississippi River as early as 1659, the first official exploration of the Mississippi River did not begin until 1665, when Jean-Baptiste Talon was appointed as the intendant (chief civil administrator) of New France.

What areas did France explore during the age of exploration?

The relationship between France and the Age of Exploration In the year 1673, explorers Louis Joliet and Jacques Marquette worked together to investigate the Mississippi Basin.In the year 1679, the French explorer Sieur de La Salle traveled across the upper Mississippi River and Lake Michigan regions.Sieur de Bienville was the man who first explored the Mississippi Valley in 1698 and is credited with founding New Orleans.

Where did the French settle in the Mississippi Valley?

The Illinois region (le pays des Illinois) surrounding the Great Lakes and Louisiana on the Gulf of Mexico were the two primary territories that were made available for French colonization when the Mississippi valley was opened up.

What was the first European exploration of the Mississippi River?

The journey led by De Soto is considered to be the first exploration of the lower Mississippi River by Europeans. More than a century would pass before another troop of Europeans would reach its waters. In the second part of the sixteenth century, Roman Catholic missionaries first began to accompany Spanish sailors on their exploration of Florida. These expeditions were led by the Spanish.

Why did the French move the post to the Mississippi River?

After another seven years, the French colonial authority issued an order to relocate the garrison closer to the Mississippi River in order to better protect French trade from attacks by the Chickasaw and the British. Because of its involvement in the French and Indian War, Louisiana quickly realized the importance of strengthening its military.

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Did the French explored west of the Mississippi river?

In the years 1621 to 1623, it’s possible that Brunel traveled as far west as Lake Superior. The French embarked on a period of exploration in the early 1600s along waterways that connected the Great Lakes and the Mississippi River. Some of these waterways included the Fox and Wisconsin rivers.

Who was the first French European to explore the Mississippi river?


What was a major reason the French came to the Mississippi river Valley?

The French utilized the rivers as a means of transportation between the several French outposts as well as for reaching American Indian villages.They relied heavily on the rivers as their primary mode of transportation.The French sought to keep the Pennsylvania traders out of the Ohio River Valley so that they could maintain control of the commerce with the American Indians who lived there.

Where did the French explore during the age of exploration?

In the 17th century, France established colonies in North America, the Caribbean, and India. Although it surrendered the majority of its American holdings to Spain and Great Britain by the end of the 18th century, France did eventually expand its territories in Asia and Africa during the 19th century.

Who explored the Mississippi River for France?

Professor Laura Chmielewski gave a presentation in which she discussed the Jesuit missionary Jacques Marquette and the fur trader Louis Jolliet, who were the first Europeans to discover the Mississippi River in 1673. The voyage was conducted by Jacques Marquette.

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Who explored Mississippi Valley?

Content that lacks appropriate citations may be contested and deleted.René-Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle (November 22, 1643 – March 19, 1687) was a French explorer and fur trader in North America during the 17th century.His full name is René-Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle.He traveled to the area of the United States and Canada known as the Great Lakes, as well as the Mississippi River and the Gulf of Mexico.

When did the French explore the Mississippi River Valley from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico?

When fur trader Louis Joliet and his group, which included Father James Marquette, completed the arduous trek from French Canada to the upper Mississippi River in 1673, the French were the first Europeans to reach that region of the river.

In what year did he first explore the Mississippi?

The Essence of It It depicts the Spanish conquistador and explorer Hernando de Soto (1500–1542) landing to the Mississippi River on May 8, 1541, at a site below Natchez. He is seen riding a white horse and dressed in Renaissance finery. According to historical accounts, De Soto was the first European to set eyes on the river.

Who was the first European to see the Mississippi River?

This week in 1581, Spanish soldiers under the command of Hernando de Soto became the first Europeans to discover the Mississippi River in the extreme northwestern region of our state. The event took place during this week. A canoe journey down the Mississippi River was undertaken by the French explorer Rene Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle one hundred years later.

When did the French arrive in Louisiana?

The year 1682 marked the beginning of the French colonization of what would later be referred to as the Louisiana Territory or ″La Louisiane,″ a vast tract of territory that was named in honor of King Louis XIV.

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When did the French and Indian war start?

The Seven Years’ War was an imperial battle between Great Britain and France that lasted for a total of seven years. The French and Indian War was the combat that took place in North America during this war. The French and Indian War was fought between 1754 and 1763, and it was settled with the Treaty of Paris.

Why did the French settle in Louisiana in 1681?

What drew the French to make Louisiana their permanent home in 1681?In order to maintain their profitable position in the fur trade, the French needed to keep going.French merchants and missionaries traveled across Canada and down the Mississippi River into Louisiana in search of new pelts to sell so that they could keep the profits they had made through the fur trade.This allowed them to continue the riches they had enjoyed.

When did the French come to the Americas?

In the year 1534, Jacques Cartier laid the groundwork for French colonization of North America. At the same time, the English, Spanish, and Dutch were beginning to explore and claim sections of North America.

What were the earliest French settlements in Mississippi?

In 1699, a French expedition commanded by Pierre le Moyne d’Iberville staked France’s claim to the lower Mississippi valley. This marked the beginning of French colonization in the region. The French quickly founded colonies in the areas that are now known as New Orleans, Mobile, Fort Rosalie, Mobile, and Biloxi. Fort Maurepas.

When did the Age of Exploration begin?

The 1400s saw the beginning of what is also known as the Age of Discovery and Exploration, which lasted all the way into the 1600s. It was a time when European nations first started venturing forth to explore the rest of the globe. They found new ways to go to India, a significant portion of the Far East, and the Americas.

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