When Does Pike Season Open In Michigan?

The 30th of April marks the beginning of the fishing seasons for trout, inland walleye, and northern pike in the Lower Peninsula. May 15 marks the beginning of the walleye and northern pike possession seasons in the Upper Peninsula.

When can you fish for pike in Michigan?

  1. Saturday, April 24 marks the beginning of the fishing seasons for inland trout and salmon, as well as inland walleye and northern pike in the Lower Peninsula.
  2. These four species are the first to open for the 2021 season.
  3. Because the new licensing season started on April 1, you need to make sure that you are up to current on all of the regulations before you cast your first line.
  4. The expiration date of a 2021 license is the 31st of March, 2022.

How many walleye can you catch in a day in Michigan?

Ii) The maximum number of Walleye that may be possessed in one day is eight (8).

What is the size limit for northern pike in Michigan?

On the shore or in the sea, it is against the law to use or possess live bait, dead bait, organic food, or food that has been processed in any way at any time. There is no size restriction on Northern Pike, and anglers are permitted to keep up to five (5) Northern Pike as part of their day possession limit, with only one (1) Northern Pike being larger than 24 inches.

What fish are in season in June in Michigan?

  1. During the month of June, we come across the following fish: Coho salmon
  2. Chinook salmon
  3. Trout of the lake
  4. Trout of the Rainbow
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Where is the best pike fishing in Michigan?

  1. The following is a review of eight of Michigan’s trophy-pike fishing systems that are considered to be the most reliable. ST. MARYS RIVER

How many rods can you fish with in Michigan?

A single person is only allowed to make use of a maximum of three single lines, three single rods and lines, or one single line and one single rod and line combination, and they are not permitted to connect more than six hooks to all of their lines combined. It’s possible that the commission will reduce the number of rods allowed for each angler.

Can you fish at night in Michigan?

In the state of Michigan, going trout fishing at night is practically a way of life. People started fishing after dark for the first time traditionally around the middle of June, which is when our Hex hatch begins. By the middle of July, the vast majority of our eggs had already hatched and been collected.

How many walleye can you have in your freezer in Michigan?

Many thanks to you. Beyond the daily creel restriction, there is no limit on the number of fish that can be held. This indicates that you are allowed to store as many as you like in your home freezer, but you are not permitted to catch and bring home more than one day’s quota of fish on any particular day that you go fishing.

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Do you need a fishing license for catch and release in Michigan?

You are obligated to carry both your driver’s license and the identification card that you used to acquire it at all times and to provide both documents when requested to do so. In addition, if you intend to pursue amphibians, crustaceans, or reptiles in any of the state’s public waterways, you are required to have a license.

Do you need a fishing license on a private lake in Michigan?

You do not require a fishing license if the body of water you are fishing in is completely surrounded by your property (for example, a private pond). On the other hand, you own it if it touches your land in some way (like a river).

Do senior citizens need a fishing license in Michigan?

The NREPA mandates that anyone 65 years of age or older who wishes to fish in the state’s waters must obtain a fishing license. However, the NREPA does offer seniors in Michigan the opportunity to purchase a ″senior restricted fishing license,″ a ″senior all-species fishing license,″ or a ″senior 24-hour fishing license″ at reduced prices.

What can I fish in in Lake Michigan in July?

  1. For yellow perch and bass, the best time to fish in Lake Michigan is from April to May.
  2. For lake steelhead and trout, the best time to fish in Lake Michigan is from May to June.
  3. For king salmon, the best time to fish in Lake Michigan is from July to August.
  4. For coho salmon, the best time to fish in Lake Michigan is from June through October.
  1. In this piece, we will discuss the many species that may be caught in Lake Michigan, as well as the optimal times of day to fish for each.
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What fish are running now in Lake Michigan?

Steelhead. Coho salmon. Chinook salmon. The drum, the smallmouth bass, the walleye, and the catfish.

What is the best time of year to fish Lake Michigan?

May-June. May and June are two of the best months to go fishing in rivers and lakes respectively. The Chinook and Coho salmon, in addition to the Brown and Lake Trout, may be found to be quite active in Lake Michigan. Additionally, offshore steelhead weighing between 6 and 20 pounds are frequently captured with the ″Fish Stix.″

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