When Does The New York State Fair Open?

  • August marks the beginning of the New York State Fair, which continues for another 18 days before coming to a close on Labor Day.
  • Because of the COVID-19 epidemic, the Fair did not take place in the year 2020.
  • The event takes place in the Empire Expo Center, which spans 375 acres (152 hectares) and is located on the banks of Onondaga Lake in the town of Geddes, which is close to the western boundary of Syracuse.

When is the New York State Fair?

Beginning on Wednesday, August 22, and continuing through Labor Day, September 3, 2018, the New York State Fair will be held. The dates for 2019 are as follows: August 21st (Wednesday), to September 2nd (Monday).

When is the New York State Fair in 2022?

  • The New York State Fair will begin on Wednesday, August 24, 2022, and go on until Labor Day, which is on Monday, September 5, 2022.
  • When does the State Fair open and close each day?
  • Fairgrounds hours will be Monday through Thursday from 9:00 am to 11:00 pm, Friday through Sunday from 9:00 am to 12 midnight, and there will be no access or re-entry after 10:00 pm on any day.
  • This change will take effect in 2022.

How much does it cost to get into the NYS fair?

The Great New York State Fair charges a fee of $3 for admission. Tickets are available for purchase on the website. On some days, entrance is waived for those who are over the age of 65, children under the age of 12, and members of a few other groups. How large is the fair that’s held in New York?

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What is there to do at the NYS fair?

At the Fair’s Marketplace, you may get a wide variety of New York State-produced delicacies, such as upscale pasta, sauces, and syrups. A gigantic sand sculpture that weighs 180 tons may be found in the Center of Progress. Throughout the course of the twelve days when the fair is in session, a group of sculptors works on it.

Is the NYS fair Cancelled for 2021?

The New York State Fair in 2021 has been officially cancelled. the event has run its course.

Is the New York State Fair going to be open in 2021?

The Fairgrounds will be available to the general public from Opening Day through Sunday, September 5; hours of operation are from 11:00 am to 10:00 pm each day. The Fair will be over at 9 o’clock in the evening on Labor Day, which is on September 6th, 2021. These timings apply to each and every structure located on the grounds.

Where is the New York State Fair 2021?

The New York State Fairgrounds may be found in Syracuse, New York, and are located just next to Route 690 West. The Fairgrounds may be reached through the New York State Thruway, exit 39 (coming from the west) or exit 34A (coming from the east), as well as by Route 81 (coming from the north or the south). To view the driving instructions, please click here.

What time does the NY State Fair Open 2021?

The Fair begins on August 20 and continues through September 5, with daily hours ranging from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. On Labor Day, September 1st, we

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Do you have to wear a mask at the NY State Fair?

Inside such buildings, everyone is forced to wear a face mask. If you have been immunized, you do not need to wear a mask when you are outside. People who have not been vaccinated are required to wear them at all times.

Who is performing at the New York State Fair 2021?

The Great New York State Fair to Feature YG as a Performer in 2021

Date Chevy Park 2pm Chevy Court 2 pm
August 23 Isreal Hagan & Stroke Jimmy Sturr & His Orchestra
August 24 The Jess Novak Band The Spinners
August 25 Jameson Rodgers The Carolyn Kelly Blues Band
August 26 Dangerous Type Bad Mama’s Blues Band

Is the NYS fair cash only?

Cash payments will not be allowed at the entry to the New York State Fair this year, so you will need to purchase your tickets in advance online if you plan on going. According to the website for the New York State Fair, this is the case. The daily fee for adults is $3, while children aged 12 and under are admitted free of charge. Free admission is provided to seniors aged 65 and above.

Is the New York State Fair cashless this year?

  • (WSYR-TV)– This year, visitors to the Great New York State Fair should anticipate quite a few changes as a result of the fair’s return to operation.
  • One of these is a brand new cashless system that can be used for purchasing entry tickets and parking passes.
  • You may pay for your entrance tickets or parking permit with a credit or debit card when you get there, or you can buy them online before you arrive and print them off at the venue.
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How much is it to get in the New York State Fair?

Tickets to enter the Great New York State Fair in 2021 are now being sold at the most modest price of any major fair, at just $3 apiece. This makes the Great New York State Fair the most affordable state fair in the whole country.

How many days is the NYS fair?

Since it began 180 years ago, the amount of time that the State Fair is held has gradually increased over the past century, with the customary end date of the event now falling later in the month of August. The recent revival of the Fair, which has resulted in greater growth and fairgoer pleasure, pivots around the 13-day Fair, which has been a cornerstone of the revitalization.

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