When Is Deer Hunting Season In Michigan?

September or October is traditionally the month that marks the beginning of hunting season in Michigan. In order to avoid a sudden flood of hunters, the beginning of the deer hunting season for archery hunters comes earlier than the beginning of the season for hunters using guns. Because deer numbers fluctuate with the seasons, the specific date shifts.

Seasons to hunt deer in Michigan in 2021 and 2022

Season Location Dates
Archery* Statewide Oct. 1 – Nov. 14 Dec. 1 – Jan. 31
Regular Firearm Statewide Nov. 15 – 30
Muzzleloading Zone 1 and Zone 2 Zone 3 Dec. 3 – 12 Dec. 3 – 12
Late Antlerless Firearm Statewide Dec. 13 – Jan. 1

What are the hunting seasons in Michigan?

The Hunting Seasons in Michigan, 2020 and 2021 Early People Without Antlers Who Used Firearms Sept. 19-20 The 12-13th of September, the Liberty Hunt Independence Hunt Oct. 15-18 Archery Regular Firearm Season: October 1–November 14, December 1–January 1 Nov. 15-30 2 additional rows

When can you hunt elk in Michigan?

*Elk hunting is limited by a permit system that works like a lottery. Certain hunters are selected, and then at random, they are allotted particular hunting locations and time periods, which can range anywhere from August to January. The bag limits, special seasons, and other hunting laws for the various hunting seasons in Michigan change depending on the species and the season.

What can you hunt in Michigan?

During Michigan’s hunting seasons, you can harvest a variety of different types of game. When hunting throughout the state, hunters will have the opportunity to pursue a diverse array of game, including elk, deer, bear, turkey, and wolf.

What hunting season is it right now in Michigan?

The state of Michigan provides access to both public and private areas for hunters. Seasons for Hunting Deer in Michigan

Early Antlerless, Firearms Sept. 18-19
Archery Oct. 1-Nov. 14, Dec. 1-Jan. 1
Regular Firearm Nov. 15-30
Muzzleloader Dec. 3-12
Late Anterless, Firearms Dec. 13-Jan. 1

Can you hunt deer on your own property without a license in Michigan?

  • PRIVATE LAND Game animals that are hunted on a hunter’s own private property can normally be taken without the landowner’s consent.
  • If a hunter want to hunt on another landowner’s property, they must first obtain the landowner’s permission.
  • If a hunter wishes to take game on privately held land, they are required to adhere to not just the state’s hunting restrictions but also any additional regulations imposed by the landowner.
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Is deer hunting open in Michigan?

On Saturday, September 11th and Sunday, September 12th, the hunting season will begin on all public and private areas around the state. Antlered or antlerless deer can be legally taken by hunters with either a deer or deer combination license, but only one deer can be taken in total throughout the hunting season.

Can you shoot a deer from your house in Michigan?

No person may hunt with a firearm within 450 feet of an occupied building, dwelling, house, residence, or cabin, or any barn or other building used in connection with a farming operation, without first obtaining the written permission of the owner, renter, or occupant of the property on which they are hunting.This includes any barn or other building used in connection with a farming operation.Only hunting is permitted within of the safety zone.

How much is a deer tag in Michigan?

Before you may purchase a hunting license for deer, you are required to have this document in your possession if you want to shoot deer during the season. The costs are as follows: $11 for residents over the age of 17; $151 for non-residents over the age of 17; and $5 for citizens over the age of 65.

How many buck tags can you get in Michigan?

Deer combination license, which consists of one standard kill tag and one restricted kill tag in addition to one regular kill tag.The deer combination license is the only option for hunters who desire two deer permits because the single deer license only allows for one.This is necessary in order to impose antler point limits, which are applicable to the hunter depending on whether or not they have acquired two deer licenses.

Can you bait deer in Michigan on private land?

It is against the law in the lower peninsula and sections of the upper peninsula of Michigan to bait deer. According to the Department of Natural Resources, it is essential for hunters to have an understanding of why this regulation exists: It’s against the law to use the bait that’s being sold everywhere on the lower peninsula, but you may buy it wherever.

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How many deer can you legally shoot in Michigan?

The only exception to this rule is Drummond Island, where hunters are only allowed to take one buck. Elsewhere in the state, hunters are permitted to take up to two bucks. The DNR’s 2021 Michigan Hunting Digest contains more restrictions as well as price information for hunting licenses.

Can you hunt deer in Michigan right now?

Beginning on August 1st and ending on March 31st of each year, the hunting season is open nonstop on both public and private territory across the United States.

Can you hunt deer in January in Michigan?

There is also a late firearm season for antlerless deer that runs from December 13 to January 1, 2022, although it is only allowed on private land.In addition, there is always the opportunity for hunters to take advantage of the days of the archery season, which continue until January 1.The extended urban deer management zones in Oakland, Wayne, and Macomb counties are the one and only exception to this rule.

Can you shoot a doe in Michigan?

In terms of the hunting restrictions, the Lower Peninsula now allows hunters to hunt antlered or antlerless deer with a deer or deer combination license during the rifle, archery, and muzzleloader seasons.This is a new policy that went into effect this year.″Now with their ordinary license, they can shoot a doe, so that’s extremely thrilling for a lot of people,″ Laurain said.″That’s really exciting for a lot of people.″

Is it illegal to hunt deer at night in Michigan?

Since 2016, it has been legal for hunters in the state of Michigan to use digital and night vision equipment.

Can I shoot a deer with a bow on my property?

And although some people often rent land in order to hunt wildlife on that land, others are even willing to explore purchasing land in order to engage in this form of pleasure. If your acreage is large enough, your neighbors live a good distance away from you, and the hunting season for deer is now underway, then you are permitted to kill deer on your land.

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Can you shine for deer in Michigan?

Shining for deer is prohibited for the whole month of November in the state of Michigan; however, throughout the remaining 11 months of the year, it is lawful before 11:00 p.m. and after 6:00 a.m. Be sure to check the rules of your state to see precisely when and how you may use a spotlight to watch deer in a manner that is not against the law.

When is shotgun season in Michigan?

Youth Gun: November 20 – 21, 2021 Deer Gun: November 29 – December 5, 2021 & December 18 & 19, 2021 Muzzleloader Competition for Deer: January 8–11, 2022. Are you going to go hunting in Michigan? Learn before you set out! – New Regulations Concerning the Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD)

When is Coyote season in Michigan?

This time of year, which begins in January and ends in March However, there are a variety of viewpoints on coyotes in the state of Michigan. Some people respect them as an important component of the ecosystem due to the function that they play as predators, while other people appreciate them for the recreational opportunities they provide.

When is Goose season in Michigan?

Even though the majority of bird species are having difficulty, the numbers of ducks and geese in the state of Michigan are thriving as a result of falling water levels that generated ideal nesting circumstances in wetland areas last year. There has been a record amount of successful breeding by waterfowl: A recent research conducted by the state discovered waterfowl

When does muzzleloader season start in Michigan?

The time has finally come — Starting on December 2, muzzleloader deer season is open across the whole state of Michigan. The Michigan Department of Natural Resources states that muzzleloading is permitted in Zones 1 and 2 as long as the season continues.

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