When Is Rifle Season In Missouri?

LOUIS, Mo. — This coming Saturday kicks off the first weekend of the section of the deer hunting season in Missouri that allows the use of rifles and other types of guns. Up until the 23rd of November, the season is divided into two parts: November and December. This coming weekend is anticipated to see the highest number of deer hunters.

Seasons for Deer in Missouri in 2021

Method Season Dates
Early Youth Portion 10/29 to 10/30
Firearms – Main Portion 11/12 to 11/22
Late Youth Portion 11/25 to 11/27
Firearms – Antlerless 12/03 to 12/11

What are the upcoming Missouri hunting season dates?

The Missouri Conservation Commission adopted the following recommendations made by the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) for upcoming turkey hunting and deer hunting season dates during its open meeting on December 11 in Jefferson City. The meeting was held to discuss conservation issues. The regular spring turkey season runs from April 19 through May 9 this year.

When does deer and Turkey season start in Missouri?

  1. The date of the 2022 deer and turkey seasons in the state of Missouri has been decided upon by the Missouri Department of Conservation.
  2. The spring youth section of turkey season will begin on April 9th and 10th, and it will be the first weekend of the season.
  3. Between the 18th of April and the 8th of May is going to be the usual spring turkey season.
  4. During this time, the season for hunting fall turkeys will be open for the full month of October.

What are the deer seasons in Missouri 2021?

2021 Missouri Method. Seasons of the Deer. Calendar of the Seasons Archery. The dates 09/15 to 11/12 and 11/24 to 01/15/2022 are included. The portion of early youth. 10/30 through 10/31. Main Section on Firearms and Ammunition 11/13 through 11/23.

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How to get a whitetail hunting license in Missouri?

  1. There are only a very small number of hunters in Missouri, despite the state having a population of over 1.3 million whitetail deer, hence the state’s hunting seasons should not be missed.
  2. Hunting permits for the various seasons in Missouri are now accessible to be purchased online and through a mobile app developed by the Department of Conservation.
  3. This was done in an effort to make hunting in the state as convenient as possible.

What are the dates for rifle season in Missouri?

The Firearms Deer November Portion runs from November 13 through November 23. The Firearms Deer Late Youth Portion will be held from November 26 to November 28.

How long is rifle season in Missouri?

Over two million acres of high-quality hunting area are available to sportsmen in the state of Missouri. There are only a very small number of hunters in Missouri, despite the state having a population of over 1.3 million whitetail deer, hence the state’s hunting seasons should not be missed. The seasons for hunting turkey in Missouri.

Fall Firearms Oct. 1-31
Spring General Season Apr. 19-May 9

Is it still rifle season in Missouri?

The November section of the firearms hunting season runs from November 13th through November 23rd, 2021. The antlerless part of the firearms competition begins on December 1.

What are the dates for deer hunting in Missouri?

  1. The 15th of September, 2022, until the 11th of November, 2022
  2. The 23rd of November 2022 through the 15th of January 2023

Can you hunt on your own land without a license in Missouri?

You can only utilize landowner permits on the property that you own that meets the requirements. Landowners need to obtain regular permissions in order to go hunting on other people’s land. To get a landowner permission, the applicant must be at least 6 years old.

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Can you bow hunt during rifle season in Missouri?

  1. During each and every firearms hunting season, archers are permitted to use longbows, recurve bows, and compound bows.
  2. You are permitted to use muzzleloaders throughout any of the firearms hunting seasons; however, you are required to use the correct type of ammunition and muzzleloader of the appropriate caliber or gauge.
  3. The use of air rifles is permitted for hunting a wide variety of game species and during a variety of weapons seasons.

Can you use a rifle to hunt deer in Missouri?

  1. Restrictions on the use of guns during the deer firearms season 4 or a rimfire rifle with a caliber of.22 or less.
  2. This does not apply to those who shoot ducks or trap animals, nor does it govern landowners while they are on their own property.
  3. During the daytime hours of the firearms deer season, you are only allowed to employ tactics appropriate for hunting deer if you are hunting furbearers.

What county in Missouri has the biggest bucks?

According to the estimates provided by the MDC, there were 127,461 does, 28,587 button bucks, and 140,468 antlered bucks among the deer that were taken during the 2020-21 season. The counties of Franklin, Howell, and Callaway had the highest total number of deer taken during the hunting season overall, with 5,786, 5,367, and 4,989, respectively.

Where are the biggest bucks in Missouri?

Additionally, several regions have created an abundance of trophy deer. If you go through the Pope & Young records, you’ll find that far-western Jackson County has the most entries of all time (76), followed by St. Louis (75), Boone (73), and Callaway (72). (60).

What part of Missouri is best for deer hunting?

  1. Howell County is prime hunting territory for deer.
  2. In addition to the dense forests for which the Ozarks are famous, the terrain also features a number of clearings and agricultural areas.
  3. In addition to this, it features significant tracts of property that are open to the public for hunting, such as the White Ranch Conservation Area, which is overseen by the Missouri Department of Conservation.
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Can you bait deer in Missouri?

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. — During the turkey and deer hunting seasons in the fall, hunters are reminded by the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) to be mindful of the restrictions regarding the use of bait. It is against the law to use any kind of bait when hunting, including grain or other feed that is put or spread in order to attract animals like deer or turkey.

What can you hunt in Missouri right now?

  1. The capturing of Beavers and Nutria. Not Yet Open for the Season Dates.
  2. Hunting, Season Open, and Dates for the Coyote
  3. Light Goose Conservation Order. Not Yet Open for the Season Dates.
  4. Turkey: A Time of Rebirth and Youth (ages 6-15) Dates for the Season Are Not Yet Available
  5. Turkey in the Springtime Dates for the Season Are Not Yet Available
  6. Groundhog: Hunting. Dates of the Opening of the Season
  7. Squirrel: Out on the hunt. Dates for the Start of the Season

How much is a deer tag in Missouri?

MISSOURI LICENSES: A non-resident combined firearm deer permit (only for antlerless and either-sexed deer) costs $260. The permit can be purchased. The price of a non-resident archery combination deer permit (one that is valid for either sexes and one that is antlerless) is $260.

What is a legal buck in Missouri?

If they are at least an inch long, tines, main beams, and brow tines all contribute to the total point value. In counties where the number of points on the antlers must be met, a buck with seven points is considered a lawful deer.

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