When To Apply Grubex In Michigan?

It is best to use them in June or July to suppress grubs, which would otherwise cause damage to the turf in the fall. If you apply them now, part of the chemical will be able to seep through the grass or break down to the point where there won’t be enough insecticide present in July to suppress grubs. This may be avoided by not using them.

When should GrubEx be applied in Michigan?

  1. It is recommended that it be applied during the first two weeks of July by the specialists.
  2. The chemical will stay in the roots through the autumn and will destroy any little grubs that may have been there.
  3. That will take care of your grub problem until July of the following year.
  4. Use chlorantraniliprole for grub management if you want a more foolproof method that works throughout the season.

What month do I apply GrubEx?

Because timing and application need pinpoint accuracy, it is vital to carefully follow the directions that come printed on the GrubEx box. This is very critical. This product should be used in the beginning of May, June, and July for the best results. Keep in mind that the beetles will deposit their eggs in the early summer. In the middle of summer, the little grubs emerge from their eggs.

When should I apply GrubEx to my lawn?

  1. Apply the mixture in the spring or the beginning of summer to eliminate grubs while they are developing.
  2. When used on a yearly basis, the application of Scotts® GrubEx®1 Season Long Grub Killer can also help reduce Japanese beetle and Armyworm infestations.
  3. Stop grubs in their tracks before they do harm to your grass by applying it in a snap using a Scotts® broadcast, drop, handheld, or Wizz® spreader.
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Should I apply GrubEx before rain?

  1. Is it possible for me to use GrubEx before it starts to rain?
  2. You may apply GrubEx right before it is about to rain, but unlike when you apply granules, you won’t need to water it in afterward as you would typically do.
  3. Lawns that are too large to water manually benefit the most from watching for rain.
  4. All that is required of you is to make sure that you apply GrubEx between the months of May and July.

Is it too late to treat for grubs?

When damage becomes visible, it is already far too late to use preventative treatments against white grubs such as Merit and Grub-X. These have to be implemented before the middle of August. In order for insecticides to be effective, they must be watered into the soil.

Can I apply fertilizer and grub control at the same time?

It is stated on the Scotts website that the only thing that may be administered at the same time as GrubEx is plain fertilizer, which does not include any additional components such as pre-emergent herbicides or other types of pesticides. Since the website makes no advise about the combining of GrubEx and regular fertilizer, it is possible that it is best to apply one product at a time.

When should you stop grubs?

Eliminating grubs before their young hatch and begin to cause harm to your grass is the most effective method for grub management. Applying a preventative grub control product to your lawn in the spring or early summer, such as Scotts® GrubEx®1, and following the advice on the package is recommended. If you’ve ever had issues with grubs in the past, this is a very crucial step to take.

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Can I apply GrubEx twice a year?

Lawns can suffer severe damage at the hands of the grubs. During the summer, they feed on the roots of the grass, which leads to areas of the turf being killed off. Depending on the pesticide and the directions provided by the manufacturer, grub killers can be sprayed anywhere from once to three times each year.

Can you apply too much GrubEx?

If you use too much, you might be doing damage to the environment, and if you use too little, the grubs in your grass could not be controlled. Even though Dylox says that if it is administered correctly, it will kill grubs within one to three days, you may still see grub activity within that period or immediately after. It’s possible that animals will keep digging for the insects as well.

What are signs of grubs in lawn?

The telltale signs of lawn grubs Grubs are the pests responsible for the brown or yellow stains in your lawn that often appear in the middle to late summer. Grubs may be present in your turf if you see animals such as moles, skunks, raccoons, or even birds digging about on it.

Can you put grass seed down after GrubEX?

Both GrubEX and grass seed may be applied at the same time without causing any problems, so go ahead and do it. GrubEX is a pure insecticide, and there are no reports of any negative effects from its active component on plant life.

Can I put GrubEX on a wet lawn?

GrubEX can be applied to a damp lawn, as a matter of fact. GrubEX is designed to become saturated with water as soon as the transmission has ended. If the GrubEX application is going to be successful, this stage is absolutely necessary in the process. However, just because your grass is already damp when you apply GrubEX does not mean you should skip the stage when you water the area.

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Will grass grow back after grub damage?

  1. Grub populations of six to ten or more per square foot are considered to be detrimental to and can even destroy grass.
  2. Before you start repairing your grass, you should treat any grub infestations with the appropriate insecticides or beneficial nematodes for your region.
  3. Repairing your grub-eaten lawn in the fall or early spring is recommended if you want to bring back the lush green color it once had.

Does GrubEX need to be watered in immediately?

After you have applied the product, you should water your grass to a depth of half an inch, which usually takes between 20 and 30 minutes. Your family and dogs can return to the lawn as soon as it has dried up after applying GrubEx because it will not become effective until it is watered in.

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