Where Can I Scatter Ashes In New York?

Dispersal of Cremated Remains and Ashes in the Parks of New York City Cremated remains can be scattered at will in any of New York City’s parks, which are open to the public. If you choose to scatter ashes in a public park, we ask that you abide by the rules that we have established.

Is it legal to scatter ashes in New York?

As is the case with many other states, New York does not have any laws that specifically address the storing or dispersal of ashes around the state. Even if there are no restrictions at the state level, it is still best practice to check with the offices of your city or county to see whether or not there are any local regulations in effect.

Where can I scatter ashes?

Choosing a cemetery that features a scattering garden, often known as a garden specifically designed for this use, is one of the more common options. It is often a beautiful, quiet, and well-landscaped spot that is ideal for quiet study and contemplation. Ashes can also be dispersed in the air, but this is a far less usual practice than the previous two options.

Do you need a permit to scatter ashes at sea?

Last but not least, if you disperse ashes at sea, you are required to inform the EPA within the following month. Inland waters like rivers and lakes are subject to the Clean Water Act’s regulations regarding dispersing. You might be legally obliged to seek a permit from the state agency that is in charge of managing the canal in order to bury someone in an inland waterway.

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Are there any health risks to storing or scattering ashes?

Because the cremation process leaves the ashes harmless, there are no health dangers associated with storing or spreading ashes after the process is complete. When a member of the family or a beloved pet passes away, many households decide to disperse the ashes of the deceased at a site that is meaningful to them or at another spot selected by the family.

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