Where Is Ann Arbor Michigan On The Map?

United States, Michigan, Ann Arbor Latitude and longitude coordinates are: 42.279594, -83.732124.Ann Arbor is the county capital of Washtenaw County and the sixth-largest city in the state of Michigan, USA.It was established in 1824 and is located in the southeast region of the state.It is roughly 55 kilometers (about 35 miles) distant from the city of Detroit and is located on the Huron River.

What county is Ann Arbor in?

Washtenaw County’s administrative headquarters are located in the city of Ann Arbor, which is located in the state of Michigan in the United States.

What is the population of Ann Arbor Michigan 2020?

It was the fifth-largest city in Michigan according to the census completed in 2020, which gave it a population of 123,851 people. It is the most important city in the Ann Arbor Metropolitan Statistical Area, which includes all of Washtenaw County and is centered around Ann Arbor.

What are the major highways in Ann Arbor Michigan?

The city is surrounded by three freeways: Interstate 94, which travels along the southern and western portions of the city; United States Route 23, also known as US 23, which travels primarily along the eastern edge of Ann Arbor; and Michigan State Route 14, which travels along the northern edge of the city.Other adjacent roadways are the Michigan Avenue (US 12), Washtenaw Avenue (M-17), and Michigan State Route 153 (M-153) (Ford Rd.).

How did Ann Arbor get its name?

The city is also included in the broader CSA that encompasses Detroit, Ann Arbor, and Flint, Michigan. One idea proposes that the city of Ann Arbor, which was established in 1824, got its name from the wives of the men who created the city as well as the dense forests that surrounded it at the time.

Is Ann Arbor Michigan a good place to live?

An A+ was awarded to Ann Arbor in 2021 for its overall quality as well as for its public schools, nightlife, suitability for families, and ease of commuting.It was given a grade of A- in the areas of variety and outdoor activities, a grade of B+ in the area of jobs, and a grade of B in housing.Disappointingly, the city was only given a grade of C+ for both its high cost of living and its high crime rate.

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What city is closest to Ann Arbor?

  1. Major cities in the area of Ann Arbor, Michigan, include Detroit, which is located 36 miles away
  2. 36 miles to Windsor, Canada
  3. 45 miles to Toledo, OH
  4. Fort Wayne, Indiana is located 110 miles away
  5. 118 kilometers till you reach Cleveland, Ohio
  6. 137 miles to London, Canada
  7. 141 miles to Akron, OH
  8. 165 kilometers till you reach Columbus, Ohio

Where is Ann Arbor related to Detroit?

The city of Ann Arbor is located in Washtenaw County, in the southeast corner of Michigan, in the United States. It is situated on the banks of the Huron River, roughly 55 kilometers (35 miles) to the west of Detroit.

Is it expensive to live in Ann Arbor?

Housing costs in Ann Arbor are 16% more than the average for the nation, however the cost of utilities is 7% cheaper than the average for the nation. The costs of transportation, such as bus fares and the cost of gasoline, are 6 percent cheaper than the average for the nation. Prices at grocery stores in Ann Arbor are 9 percent more than the average for all of the United States.

What kind of people live in Ann Arbor?

  1. The population of Ann Arbor is expected to reach 115,633 by the year 2020. White residents make up 69.52 percent of the total population of Ann Arbor
  2. Asian: 17.40 percent
  3. 7.01 percent of people who are black or African American
  4. 4.73 percent of people identify with more than one race
  5. Other racial or ethnic group: 1.00 percent
  6. 0.29 percent of people identified as Native American
  7. 0.05 percent of the population identified as Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander
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Is Ann Arbor Michigan a small town?

Ann Arbor is one of the locales on this list with a lower population, with just under 116,000 people, but it has a reputation for combining the advantages of both small towns and large cities.

Where should I live if I work in Ann Arbor?

  1. Old West Side is one of the five best neighborhoods in which to live in Ann Arbor, Michigan. This historic district, which also goes by the name Allmendinger Heights, overlaps with the downtown area of Ann Arbor.
  2. Burns Park. The neighborhood of Burns Park is characterized by its tree-lined lanes and its collection of historic residences
  3. Lowertown.
  4. Allen.
  5. Main Street, South
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What does Ann Arbor have to offer?

Ann Arbor is a vibrant university town, a culinary hotspot, and a tech powerhouse with a downtown that is easily accessible and features world-class arts and culture. These are just a few of the many things that Ann Arbor is.

What is Ann Arbor famous for?

The Greater Ann Arbor Area is most well-known for its cultural offerings that draw inspiration from throughout the world.Ann Arbor has a long history as a community of artists, and as a result, it is home to a number of renowned art galleries, museums, and non-profit arts organizations.Additionally, the city is home to theatrical and musical organizations that host performances by local, regional, and international artists.

Is Ann Arbor a college town?

1. The city of Ann Arbor in Michigan Due to the fact that it offers students not just a wide range of educational options but also a vibrant and social atmosphere, Ann Arbor was voted the best town for college students in 2021. This quirky and laid-back city is home to the University of Michigan and is packed with eateries, watering spots, and plenty of nature trails.

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What kind of place is Ann Arbor Michigan?

A buzzing university town, culinary mecca, and technology epicenter, Ann Arbor has a downtown that is easily accessible on foot.Visit the University of Michigan, enjoy food that is influenced by cuisines from across the world, peruse one-of-a-kind shops, and immerse yourself in world-class arts and culture.Visit any of the area breweries or distilleries to learn more about the Ann Arbor Area Craft Pass.

Is Ann Arbor a suburb of Detroit?

It is the most important city in the Ann Arbor Metropolitan Statistical Area, which includes all of Washtenaw County and is centered around Ann Arbor. The Greater Detroit Combined Statistical Area and the Great Lakes megalopolis, which is the most populous and biggest megalopolis in North America, both contain Ann Arbor as one of their constituent areas.

Is Ann Arbor safer than Detroit?

Having said that, even other areas in Detroit that are considered to be safer might nevertheless have problems with crimes that are typical in larger cities. On the other side, it’s not too dangerous to call Ann Arbor home most of the time.

Is Ann Arbor safe?

OVERALL DANGER: MEDIUM RISK In general, the rate of crime in Ann Arbor is comparable to that in other large urban centers, with the roughest regions of the city primarily being located in the inner sections of the city. The majority of crime rate categories are lower than both the national average and the average for the state of Michigan.

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