Where Is Bridgeport, Michigan?

  1. Bridgeport is located in Michigan.
  2. CDP (also known as a census-designated place) and unincorporated settlement.
  3. Place inside Saginaw County in Michigan.
  4. Bridgeport.
  5. Position inside the boundaries of the state of Michigan.
  6. Bridgeport.

The Bridgeport (the United States) Please display a map of Michigan.A map of the United States is being shown.Show everything.These are the coordinates: 43°21′34′′ North, 83°52′54′′ West.

What is the population of Bridgeport CT?

At the time of the census in 2000, there were 7,849 people living there. A post office with the same name can be found in Bridgeport, and its ZIP code is 48722.

What is the ZIP code for Bridgeport mi?

  1. A post office with the same name can be found in Bridgeport, and its ZIP code is 48722.
  2. The community that is served by this ZIP code is located in the southeastern part of the CDP, as well as the southeastern parts of Bridgeport Charter Township that are located outside of the CDP, in addition to portions of southwest Frankenmuth Township and a small area in the northeastern part of Birch Run Township.

When will water shut offs resume in Bridgeport Township?

Beginning on March 1, 2022, Bridgeport Township will once again turn off residents’ water service if they have unpaid bills.

How do I contact Bridgeport’s Zoning Administrator?

You can contact the Zoning Administrator with any questions you might have by sending an email to [email protected] or calling 989-777-0940 extension 211. 2021 Nominations for the Best of Award Must Be Submitted Today!

What is in Bridgeport MI?

  1. The best things to do in each city as determined by Tripadvisor data such as reviews, ratings, photographs, and popularity. Davis Park. Bodies of Water Parks.
  2. Railroad that runs through Junction Valley. Railroads with Stunning Views
  3. Museums of Specialty, including the Bridgeport Historical Village
  4. Sports broadcast by Candlelight. Bowling Alleys, Game & Entertainment Centers
  5. Entertainment Centers
  6. Golf course located at Green Acres. Courses for Golf
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How did Bridgeport Michigan get its name?

The Background of the Badge Because it was the first bridge to be constructed on the principal path leading from Flint, Michigan, Bridgeport is often referred to as ″Bend in the Cass″ or ″Cass Bend.″ This bridge spanned the Cass River at the point in time where the present-day Dixie Highway is situated.

Is Bridgeport MI safe?

The neighborhood of Bridgeport is notable for its high level of security. It is relatively peaceful, and there is barely any criminal activity.

Is Saginaw worth visiting?

Saginaw is a city rich in opportunities to explore, from Riverfront Saginaw to Old Saginaw City, and with natural treasures such as the Shiawassee National Wildlife Refuge and the Saginaw Valley Rail Trail calling for outdoor activities, Saginaw is a city with a lot to offer.

What is the racial makeup of Saginaw Michigan?

The demographics of Saginaw 44.50 percent of people are white. 43.88 percent of people were black or African American. 8.56 percent of people claim to have two or more races. 2.30% of people are of some other race.

Is Saginaw MI safe?

The rate of violent crime in the United States increased by 5 percent in the year 2020. This rate is an annual, population-adjusted measurement of instances of homicide, aggravated assault, robbery, and rape.

What is Saginaw MI famous for?

  1. Saginaw was formerly a hub for the timber industry, but it has since shifted its focus to agricultural and diverse industries (especially auto parts).
  2. The Saginaw valley is known for its production of sugar beets and beans.
  3. Other adjacent natural resources include significant salt, coal, and petroleum reserves.
  4. The city is home to a campus of Great Lakes (junior) College (1907), which was established in the area.

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