Where Is Bridgeton Missouri?

A second-ring suburb of Greater St.Louis, Bridgeton is located in the northwestern part of St.Louis County in the state of Missouri, United States.

  • The St.
  • Louis outer belt and Interstate 70 meet at Bridgeton, which is located at that crossroads.
  • Within Greater St.
  • Louis, Bridgeton is the most important transportation hub that there is.

11,550 people were counted during the census that was conducted in 2010.

What is the population of Bridgeton MO?

Bridgeton, MO. Sponsored Topics. Bridgeton is a city in northern St. Louis County, Missouri, functioning as a suburb and transit hub within Greater St. Louis. The 2007 population estimate by the U.S. Census Bureau was 15,086, down 464 individuals (3 percent ) from the 2000 census.

What county is Bridgeton in?

Bridgeton, Missouri Directions Within Greater St.Louis, the city of Bridgeton, which is located in the northwestern part of St.Louis County, Missouri, functions as both a suburb and a transportation center.

  • The population was estimated to be 15,086 in 2007 by the United States Census Bureau, which is a decrease of 464 persons, or 3 percent, since the year 2000 census.
  • The Lambert–Saint Louis International Airport has many sections that include

What airport is in Bridgeton Missouri?

Bridgeton is home to a portion of Lambert-Saint Louis International Airport (Lambert Saint Louis Airport).Between Lambert-Saint Louis International Airport and St.Charles, you’ll find the majority of the city’s population concentrated.

  • The city’s northernmost and most westerly limits are defined by the Missouri River.
  • The coordinates that best describe its location are 38°45’26’ North and 90°25’4′ West (38.7573, -90.4179).

Is Bridgeton Missouri a good place to live?

Beautiful quite neighborhood. In general, it is a peaceful neighborhood, and there are parks located in the immediate area, particularly if you reside close to the boundary with Maryland Heights. The city of St. Louis has a rather poor image, which may also effect the outlying neighborhoods, but the Brigeton area has had the least level of crime in recent years.

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What time zone is Bridgeton Missouri?

Louis County, Missouri, Central Time Zone – daylight saving time transition dates 2022.

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