Where Is Dardenne Prairie Missouri?

Southwest of O’Fallon, on Missouri Route N, and just east of Interstate 64 is where you’ll find Dardenne Prairie. The city covers a total area of 4.92 square miles (12.74 km 2), all of which is land, according to data provided by the United States Census Bureau.

What is the Dardenne time zone?

The time in the Dardenne region is based on Central Daylight Time, which is six hours behind Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). Cities such as Dardenne Prairie, Gumbo, Chain of Rocks, Peruque, and Pauldingville are located in close proximity to this location.

Is Dardenne Prairie a good place to live?

One of the most desirable spots to settle down in all of Missouri is Dardenne Prairie, which can be found in St. Charles County. The majority of people who live in Dardenne Prairie own their houses, which contributes to the town’s rural atmosphere. There are a number of parks in the city of Dardenne Prairie.

Is Saint Charles MO safe?

According to the statistics provided by the FBI, St. Charles is not one of the safest municipalities in the United States. St. Charles has a higher rate of violent crime and overall criminal activity compared to 67 percent of the cities and municipalities of all sizes in the state of Missouri.

Is St. Charles MO A good place to live?

The United States Census Bureau ranks Charles as the 32nd greatest location to live in the country.The ranking, which was produced in collaboration with Realtor.com, included factors such as diversity, income, and education level in addition to the local economy and cost of living.St.

Charles is now recognized as the best city in Missouri, nine places higher than the suburb of Kansas City known as Lee’s Summit.

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What is St. Charles Missouri famous for?

In addition to serving as the location for the corporate headquarters of Aspect, Our365, RX System, NewCo Enterprises, Patriot Machine, and Client Services, the City of St. Charles is also the location of the regional offices of Coca-Cola Enterprises, Sysco, and American Freightways. The Missouri River’s oldest city is St. Charles, which is located in Charles County.

What city has zip code 63367?

ZIP Code 63367

Post Office City: Lake Saint Louis, MO (View All Cities)
County: St. Charles County
Timezone: Central (2:24pm)
Area code: 636 (Area Code Map)
Coordinates: 38.77, -90.79 ZIP (~3 mile radius)

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