Where Is Lincoln Nebraska On The Map?

USA, Nebraska, Lincoln Latitude and longitude coordinates are: 40.806862, -96.681679. One of the most significant urban areas in the state of Nebraska, which is situated in the exact geographic center of the United States of America, is the city of Lincoln. It is the county seat of a relatively unimportant county, in addition to its role as the capital city of the state.

Where is Nebraska in the USA?

The state of Nebraska, which can be found in the middle (Midwest) area of the United States, is depicted on the blank map that can be found above. Downloading and printing the following map allows it to be used for a variety of geography teaching purposes, including activities such as map-pointing and coloring.

Why is Lincoln the capital of Nebraska?

The state capital building, which was designed by Bertram G.Goodhue and finished in 1932, is currently the second-tallest capitol structure in the United States.Both the state government of Nebraska and the federal government of the United States are significant employers in this city because it is the capital of that state.In 1869, the city of Lincoln became the home of the University of Nebraska.

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