Where Is Mattawan Michigan?

The community of Mattawan is located in Antwerp Township, Van Buren County, in the state of Michigan, United States. It is a suburb of Kalamazoo. The settlement has a total population of 2,536 people as per the census completed in the year 2000. The settlement on the Hudson River that is today known as Beacon, New York, was the inspiration for the naming of this municipality.

What to do in Mattawan Michigan?

About 15 miles to the southwest of Kalamazoo is where you’ll find Mattawan.At the Wolf Lake State Fish Hatchery, visitors may take use of guided tours, walking trails, and a demonstration pond that is stocked with fish native to Michigan to gain knowledge about the history of the Great Lakes hatcheries.While apples are in season, visitors at Schultz Fruitridge Farms can ride about the property in the world-famous Big Red Wagon.

What is the education system like in Mattawan?

The Mattawan Consolidated School District (K-12) is responsible for providing educational opportunities for the residents of the village of Mattawan. This school district is comprised of the Early Elementary School (grades K-2), the Later Elementary School (grades 3–5), the Middle School (grades 6–8), and the High School (grades 9-12).

How far is Mattawan Michigan is to Kalamazoo?

The distance between Mattawan and Kalamazoo in Michigan When traveling in a northeasterly direction from Mattawan to Kalamazoo by automobile along the I-94 E route, the distance is 15.14 kilometers (24.14 miles) and it takes 11.58 miles to get there. If you drive without stopping, the distance between Mattawan and Kalamazoo is 18 minutes.

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Is Mattawan a good place to live?

In general, Mattawan is a wonderful place to bring up a family since it offers the advantages of both suburban and rural living.Mattawan is a pleasant neighborhood with a strong sense of community.The amount of cash that is allocated to their public schools is quite high in comparison to that of other public schools, which likely contributes to the relatively high quality of such institutions.

When was Mattawan founded?

Mattawan High School
Type Public secondary school
Established 1911
School district Mattawan Consolidated School District
Superintendent Randy Fleenor

Is Mattawan Michigan safe?

Mattawan, MI A History of Crime

Year Violent Larceny
2019 761.4 1522.8
2018 253.7 1572.8
2017 413.2 619.8
2016 258 980.4

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