Where Is Ottawa Michigan?

Lake Macatawa, which is nourished by the Macatawa River, is located close to the eastern side of Lake Michigan, where the city is located (formerly known locally as the Black River). The city extends across both Ottawa and Allegan counties, with a total land area of 8.13 square miles (21.06 km 2) in Ottawa County and 9.08 square miles (23.52 km 2) in Allegan County.

Where is Ottawa County Michigan?

The county of Ottawa may be found in the state of Michigan, in the United States.According to the Census completed in the year 2020 in the United States, the total population was 296,200.The city of Grand Haven serves as the county seat.The Ottawa Nation inspired the naming of this county.It began in 1831 and wasn’t formally formed until 1837.The Grand Rapids-Kentwood, Michigan Metropolitan Statistical Area incorporates Ottawa County as one of its constituent parts.

Where is Ottawa IL located on the map?

The city of Ottawa may be found in LaSalle County, Illinois, in the United States. It is situated at the point where the navigable Illinois River and the Fox River meet. The Illinois River serves as a passageway for river barges and connects Lake Michigan, which is located near Chicago, to the Mississippi River and the 25,000 mile river system that runs throughout North America.

What is the history of Ottawa Lake Michigan?

A historical monument honoring the Erie and Kalamazoo Railroad was recently installed at Ottawa Lake thanks to the efforts of the Monroe County Historical Society.On June 12, 1846, Ottawa Lake got its first post office, and John Wilder was the person who served as the town’s first postmaster.The location of the post office has remained the same throughout its existence and may be found at 8425 Brown Street at this day.

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How did Ottawa County get its name?

The Ottawa Nation inspired the naming of this county. It began in 1831 and wasn’t formally formed until 1837. The Grand Rapids-Kentwood, Michigan Metropolitan Statistical Area incorporates Ottawa County as one of its constituent parts.

Is Grand Rapids in Ottawa County?

The Grand Rapids-Kentwood, Michigan Metropolitan Statistical Area incorporates Ottawa County as one of its constituent parts. The county of Ottawa in Michigan

Ottawa County
Founded 1831 (authorized) 1837 (organized)
Named for Ottawa Nation
Seat Grand Haven
Largest city Holland

What cities does Ottawa County include?

  1. The following is a list of towns and cities located in Ottawa County, Michigan, in the United States, along with maps and street views: Allendale
  2. Conklin
  3. Coopersville
  4. Ferrysburg
  5. Grand Haven
  6. Holland
  7. Hudsonville
  8. Jenison

Was there ever a lake in Ottawa Lake Michigan?

There is a lake in the state of Michigan called Ottawa Lake, and its elevation is 1,532 feet. In close proximity to Lake Ontario and to the north of Bleat Creek is where you’ll find Ottawa Lake.

What is Ottawa County known for?

The county is a very popular location for vacationers. Every year, Middle Bass Island and the other numerous resorts surrounding Lake Erie draw in the attention of thousands upon thousands of tourists. Marblehead Lighthouse, which claims the title of being Ohio’s oldest lighthouse, may be found in this county.

What is the County of Ottawa?

Wikipedia’s entry about the Carleton County, Ontario region.

Is Ottawa Lake MI a good place to live?

A small port city located in southeastern Michigan along Lake Erie between the cities of Toledo and Detroit. In the 49267 zip code, the months of June, August, and July are the most pleasant months, while the months of January and December are the months that are the least comfortable. Rankings of the Best Localities to Call Home in and Around Ottawa Lake.

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#34 Emerging Metropolitan Areas
#335 Best Green Cities

Where is Lake Ottawa?

Waukesha County is home to the picturesque 17-acre lake known as Ottawa Lake. The maximum depth that it can reach is 16 feet. Both a public boat dock and a public beach provide access for guests to the water of the lake.

What county is ZIP code 49267?

ZIP Code 49267

Post Office City: Ottawa Lake, MI (View All Cities)
County: Monroe County
Timezone: Eastern (11:07pm)
Coordinates: 41.77, -83.73 ZIP (~6 mile radius)

What state is Lake Ontario in?

The only one of the five Great Lakes that does not touch the state of Michigan is Lake Ontario.

Lake Ontario
Basin countries Canada and United States
Max. length 193 mi (311 km)
Max. width 53 mi (85 km)
Surface area 7,340 sq mi (19,000 km2)

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