Where Is Plaistow, New Hampshire?

The town of Plaistow is located in Rockingham County in the state of New Hampshire, United States. Its old name was pronounced as ″- to.″ At the time of the census in the year 2020, the population was 7,830.

How do I contact town of Plaistow NH?

Plaistow Town Hall is located at 145 Main Street, Plaistow, New Hampshire 03865. You may contact them at (603) 382-5200 or (603) 382-7183. Disclaimer for Website CivicPlus ® is the software that powers all government websites.

When did Plaistow become part of Newham?

When West Ham merged with the County Borough of East Ham and minor portions of Barking and Woolwich, it resulted in the formation of the new London Borough of Newham in 1965, which included Plaistow as a constituent.

When did Plaistow become part of West Ham?

  • Plaistow was not connected to the telephone network until the year 1905, despite the fact that it became its own UK Parliamentary constituency in 1918.
  • This constituency was comprised of the Plaistow and Hudsons wards of the County Borough of West Ham, in addition to a portion of the Canning Town ward.
  • In 1950, this electoral district became a part of the West Ham electoral district instead.

What towns are near Plaistow?

  1. Places such as Atkinson and New Hampshire’s Plaistow are located close by.
  2. New Hampshire (NH)
  3. Newton
  4. Haverhill, MA
  5. Hampstead, New Hampshire
  6. Danville, NH
  7. Salem, NH
  8. Kingston, NH
  9. Sandown, New Hampshire (NH)

Is Plaistow NH a nice place to live?

  • It is a wonderful town that features a town forest as well as nice shopping.
  • The primary school, the junior high school, and the senior high school are all quite good.
  • There are some very awful homes in select neighborhoods, but on the whole, the housing stock is of extremely high quality overall.
  • The community is quite safe, and both the police and the fire department will respond if a child is injured.
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Is Plaistow a rough area?

There were 52 incidents of violent crime, 45 thefts, and 16 burglaries reported in Plaistow South, which ranked it as having the sixth highest level of crime in Newham. Within the span of one month, there were a total of nine armed robberies and five reports of sexual assaults, which is cause for concern.

Is Plaistow a safe area?

It’s just as safe as any other neighborhood I’ve lived in, and that includes places like Islington, Southwark, and Hackney, among others. Ignore anyone who argues otherwise, as they are most likely using out-of-date information. Despite the fact that I work late hours, I’ve never had any trouble making the walk home from either the Plaistow or Canning Town station.

Is Plaistow New Hampshire safe?

  • The safety ranking of Plaistow is the 7th percentile, which indicates that 93 percent of cities are safer and 7 percent of cities are more hazardous than Plaistow.
  • Only Plaistow’s official borders are considered within the scope of this investigation.
  • Check out the table on adjacent locations that we’ve provided below for information on surrounding cities.
  • Plaistow has a crime rate that is 78.41 times more likely to occur per 1,000 residents in a typical year.

Which borough is Plaistow?

East London’s Plaistow (/plsto/ PLAHST-oh or /plaesto/ PLAST-oh) is a suburban town located within the London Borough of Newham in England. It is bordered on the north by Upton Park, on the east by East Ham, on the south by Beckton, on the south-west by Canning Town, and on the west by West Ham.

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What is Plaistow NH ZIP code?

ZIP Code 03865

Post Office City: Plaistow, NH (View All Cities)
County: Rockingham County
Timezone: Eastern (2:31am)
Area code: 603 (Area Code Map)
Coordinates: 42.84, -71.10 ZIP (~3 mile radius)

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