Where Is Rochester Minnesota?

The city may be found around 137 kilometers (85 miles) to the southeast of Minneapolis-Saint Paul. Olmsted County is one of just four counties in Minnesota that does not include a natural lake, yet Rochester is located in that county.

What is the relative location of Rochester MN?

/  44.0234000°N 92.4629500°W  / 44.0234000; -92.4629500 Rochester is a city in the state of Minnesota, United States, that was established in the year 1854. It serves as the county seat of Olmsted County and is situated in Southeast Minnesota on the south fork of the Zumbro River.

Where is Rochester in the United States?

Rochester, Minnesota.Position within the United States of America Rochester is a city in the state of Minnesota, United States, that was established in 1854.It serves as the county seat of Olmsted County and is situated on the south fork of the Zumbro River in Southeast Minnesota.

  1. It is the largest city in the state of Minnesota that is located outside of the Minneapolis-St.
  2. Paul metropolitan area.

What is Rochester MN known for?

Featured Sponsored Topics Description Olmsted County’s administrative headquarters are located in the city of Rochester, which is located in the state of Minnesota in the United States. It is likely best known as the home of the Mayo Clinic, which gave birth to the city’s moniker, ‘Med City,’ and it is also home to a significant IBM plant. It is located on both banks of the Zumbro River.

Does Rochester MN have a lake?

Olmsted County is one of just four counties in Minnesota that does not include a natural lake, yet Rochester is located in that county. There are many man-made lakes in the region, one of which is called Silver Lake. Silver Lake was created when a part of the South Fork Zumbro River was dammed immediately below its confluence with Silver Creek close to the city center.

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Where in Minnesota is Rochester?

Rochester is a city and the county seat of Olmsted County in the state of Minnesota, in the United States. About 75 miles (120 kilometers) to the southeast of Minneapolis, it is situated on the Zumbro River as well as on other creeks in an area that is used for mixed farming.

What city is closest to Rochester MN?

  1. Major cities in the surrounding area of Rochester, Minnesota Saint Paul, Minnesota is 72 miles away
  2. 77 miles to Minneapolis, MN
  3. Madison, Wisconsin is 166 miles away
  4. 237 miles to Milwaukee, WI
  5. 256 miles to Omaha, NE
  6. Chicago, Illinois is located 283 miles away
  7. 304 miles till you reach Lincoln, Nebraska
  8. Kansas City, Missouri is located 355 miles away

Is Rochester part of Minneapolis?

Olmsted County’s administrative headquarters are located in Rochester, which is a city in the state of Minnesota in the United States. The world-famous Mayo Clinic was established in this community, which is located in Southeast Minnesota on undulating bluffs on the south fork of the Zumbro River.

Rochester, Minnesota
Website rochestermn.gov

How long does it take to get to Rochester from Minnesota Minneapolis?

Visitors who want to go to Rochester, Minnesota by car will find it simple to do so since the city is situated just a few miles away from the regularly used Interstate 90. The distance from Minneapolis/St. Paul to Rochester may be covered in approximately 80 minutes by car.

Is Rochester MN a good city?

The third biggest city in Minnesota, Rochester is located in southeast Minnesota on the Zumbro River and holds the distinction of being the third largest city in the state.Due to the fact that it is the location of the world-famous Mayo Clinic, the city is frequently mentioned on lists of the ″Greatest Cities″ as either one of the best cities nationally or one of the best cities in the Midwest.

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What is Rochester Minnesota known for?

You don’t have to be a patient at the Mayo Clinic in order to enjoy Rochester, Minnesota; despite the city’s widespread notoriety as the location of the illustrious Mayo Clinic, visitors are welcome here.Whether you’re interested in the arts, events, shopping, cuisine, or breweries, our visitors guide will help you locate things to do, places to eat, and places to stay while you’re in Rochester.

How far is Rochester MN to Iowa border?

Distance conversions

Distance type Miles Kilometers
Straight line distance 36.49 mi 58.72 km
Driving distance 42 mi 67.77 km

What are winters like in Rochester Minnesota?

The cold season begins on November 28 and continues until March 5, during which time the average daily high temperature is lower than 35 degrees Fahrenheit. January in Rochester is the coldest month of the year, with an average low temperature of 10 degrees Fahrenheit and a high temperature of 24 degrees Fahrenheit.

Where do doctors live in Rochester MN?

Pill Hill is also known as ″the hill where the physicians reside.″ At the time that the Mayo brothers originally established the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, everyone.

Is Rochester Minnesota a good place to live?

One of the most desirable areas to settle down in all of Minnesota is Rochester, which is located in Olmsted County.The majority of people who live in Rochester own their houses, giving the city an atmosphere similar to that of a dense suburban community.There are a number of parks in the city of Rochester.

  1. Rochester is home to a sizable number of young professionals and families, and its populace is typically of a conservative bent.
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Is it safe to live in Rochester Minnesota?

In Rochester, there is a one in 46 chance that you may become a victim of either a violent crime or a property crime.According to data provided by the FBI, Rochester is not one of the safest communities in the United States of America.In comparison to the rest of Minnesota, Rochester has a greater rate of violent and property crime than eighty percent of all of the state’s cities and towns, regardless of size.

Is Rochester MN urban or rural?

118 935 people are living there as of this year (99 percent urban, 1 percent rural). Zip codes: 55901, 55902, 55904, 55905, 55906, 55976.

Does Amtrak go to Rochester Minnesota?

You won’t be able to go to Rochester through Amtrak in a direct manner, but they will get you within an hour’s shuttle ride of the city.Passenger service is provided many times each day by Amtrak between Chicago and Minneapolis/St.Paul.

  1. This service will make a predetermined stop in La Crosse, Wisconsin, where passengers can transfer to a connecting shuttle bus that will take them the rest of the way to Rochester.

How far is MPLS to Rochester?

If you head in a southeasterly direction from Minneapolis, you will travel 84 miles (135.18 kilometers), which is further than the 77.12 miles that you will cover by automobile if you take the US-52 route. If you drive without stopping, the distance between Minneapolis and Rochester is one hour and 26 minutes.

How far is the Mall of America from the Mayo Clinic?

The Mayo Clinic is located in Rochester, Minnesota, while the Mall of America is located in Bloomington, Minnesota. Driving time between the Mayo Clinic and Mall of America is roughly 1 hour and 24 minutes.

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