Where Is The Greyhound Bus Station In New York?

There are several Greyhound bus stations located in New York City, New York. Fill in the name of the city where the journey will begin. Port Authority comes in front. Address: 625 Eighth Avenue, New York, New York 10018 The operating hours are subject to change at any time.

Where does the Greyhound bus leave from in NYC?

In Manhattan, the station that is most convenient for getting to and from Greyhound-Port Authority is the 42 St-Port Authority Bus Terminal.

How do I get from JFK to Greyhound station?

  1. There is no transportation available that will take passengers directly from New York JFK Airport (JFK) to the Greyhound Bus Station.
  2. However, you also have the option of flying into Tampa and then driving to the Greyhound Bus Station.
  3. You also have the option of taking a flight to Orlando, walking to the Orlando Airport terminal, taking a shuttle to the Sleep Inn, and finally taking a cab to the Greyhound Bus Station.

Does Greyhound go to Long Island?

Traveling across the country has never been easier or more economical than it is with Greyhound. When you pick Greyhound as your mode of transportation, there is essentially no limit to the places you may go because the company has hundreds of stations all throughout the country, including three on Long Island.

What is the name of the bus terminal in New York City?

Port Authority Bus Terminal
Eighth Avenue and West 42nd Street
General information
Location 625 8th Avenue New York, New York United States
Coordinates 40°45′24″N 73°59′28″W
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Where does bus drop off in NYC?

The bus station may be found in the middle of Manhattan, precisely one block to the west of Times Square. It is located on the blocks that are bounded by the eighth and ninth avenues, as well as the fortieth and fortieth streets, and it has excellent connections to the various public transportation systems in the city.

What happens if you miss your Greyhound bus?

Call to postpone the appointment if you believe you will be arriving late. because the time of departure has passed, it has been a few days already, and so on and so forth if you miss the bus. Your ticket expires.

Is there a Greyhound in JFK?

You have the option of riding the bus with The Jet, FlixBus, OurBus, Greyhound, or Go Buses while departing from New York John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK). There are 272 daily departures that leave from JFK Airport (JFK), which means it will be easy for you to select the bus option that is most convenient for your schedule and affordable for your trip.

Is there Greyhound bus in JFK Airport?

  1. The route from New York JFK Airport (JFK) to Greyhound Bus Terminal leaves from Terminal 4 and arrives at Greyhound Bus Terminal.
  2. This service is operated by a number of different companies, including JFK Airtrain, MTA, Indiana Travel Express, and others.
  3. There are typically three services that operate each week; however, weekend and holiday timetables can sometimes differ, so it is important to verify in advance.
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Is there a bus station in JFK Airport?

There are a number of different bus choices available to bring you from JFK Airport to Manhattan or other areas throughout the area, including: The terminal 5 bus station may be found in JFK International Airport. You will need to use the AirTrain if you are currently located in one of the other terminals in order to get there.

Does Greyhound go to Port Authority New York?

Greyhound services are available at the Port Authority in New York City, New York.

Is Greyhound bus still in service?

According to him, the bus service is thrilled to begin restarting Greyhound’s regular routes and adding new ones gradually. This will allow loved ones to be reunited from different parts of the nation. Beginning on Wednesday, April 13, 2022, Greyhound will begin its service on the road. Visit this page on their website to find out more. We are ready to take your orders!

How do I get from JFK to Port Authority?

In response to: what is the most efficient method to get from port authority to jfk? The Port Authority Bus Terminal is directly below one of the stops on the metro. You need just take the E train in the direction of Queens and get out at the Sutphin/Archer/LIRR/JFK Airport station. You need to transfer to the JFK AirTrain, and it will get you directly to the terminal that you need.

Is Penn Station and Port Authority the same?

Penn Station is located less than a half mile away from the Port Authority Bus Terminal (PABT). Depending on the amount of traffic and the time of day, the fare for a taxi should not exceed $5 to $6, including the tip.

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How far is Times Square from Port Authority?

There is a distance of 3145 feet between the Port Authority Bus Terminal and the citizenM New York Times Square hotel while traveling by car. Traveling by car from the Port Authority Bus Terminal to the citizenM New York Times Square location takes around one minute.

Is the Port Authority Bus Terminal safe?

  1. Regarding: is the area outside the port authority bus station safe to be in at night?
  2. There is no need to be concerned about your safety in the neighborhood around PABT; nonetheless, the building itself and the surrounding area are not exactly the most appealing places to spend time.
  3. There are a lot of homeless individuals inside and outside the building, but to be honest, none of them looked in our direction or harassed us in any way.
  4. Despite the fact that there are a lot of homeless people, we were not troubled by any of them.

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