Which State Is Due South Of New Hampshire And Vermont?

One of the states that makes up the New England area of the United States is called New Hampshire. It shares its southern border with Massachusetts, its western border with Vermont, its eastern border with Maine and the Gulf of Maine, and its northern boundary with the province of Quebec in Canada.

Does New Hampshire have a border with Vermont?

Border disputes between New Hampshire and Vermont have been going on since the middle of the 18th century, long before Vermont was even a state. The state of New York forms Vermont’s western boundary, and vice versa. A significant chunk of this boundary is defined by Lake Champlain.

Should I move to New Hampshire or Vermont?

If you’re looking for more remote communities that look and feel like a slice of rustic heaven, Vermont is probably going to satisfy your cravings. On the other side, those individuals who want for more challenging mountains and a greater number of cities can discover that New Hampshire is where their hearts truly belong.

Which state is directly south of New Hampshire?

It is limited to the north by the province of Quebec in Canada, to the east by the state of Maine and a length of the Atlantic Ocean that is 25 kilometers long, to the south by the state of Massachusetts, and to the west by the state of Vermont.

Which state is due north of New Hampshire and Vermont?

Two other states, Vermont and New Hampshire, may be found along the northern border of the state of Massachusetts in the United States.

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Is New Hampshire next to Vermont?

The eastern portion of the continental United States is home to the state of Vermont. To the north, it shares a border with Canada (the province of Quebec). In the east, Vermont has a boundary with New Hampshire that is defined by the Connecticut River, while in the northwest, Vermont and New York state are separated by Lake Champlain.

Does New Hampshire border Vermont?

There are four additional states that share a border with New Hampshire: Vermont, Maine, and Massachusetts. Additionally, there is one nation that New Hampshire borders: Canada (Canada).

What states border Vermont?

The state of Vermont is the birthplace to a lot of firsts. – Billboards were made illegal in Vermont in 1968. – The country of Canada, the states of New York and Massachusetts, and the state of New Hampshire all surround Vermont. It has a length of 157.4 miles, a width of 90.3 miles along the border with Canada*, and a width of 41.6 miles at the border with Massachusetts.

What states is New Hampshire bordered by?

In the north, New Hampshire is bounded by Canada; in the east, it shares a border with Maine; in the south, it is next to Massachusetts; and in the west, it is adjacent to Vermont.

Where does NH border Canada?

The sole border crossing between the United States of America and Canada in the state of New Hampshire may be found at the very top of town, near the end of U.S.Route 3.Halls Stream, which was referred to in the Treaty of Paris of 1783 as the ″northwesternmost headwaters of the Connecticut River,″ delineates the western boundary of the city of Pittsburg.The Treaty established the border in an unclear manner.

How long is New Hampshire north to south?

The state of New Hampshire stretches around 190 miles from north to south and approximately 70 miles from east to west. The point in Belknap County that is three miles to the east of Ashland is considered to be the geographic center of the state of New Hampshire. The country of Canada may be found to the north of New Hampshire, while Massachusetts can be found to the south.

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What NH towns border Maine?

  1. Pick an Area to Focus On Berwick. Welcome to the quaint and ancient town of Berwick, which is home to a variety of one-of-a-kind shops, breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape, and a lively personality
  2. Eliot.
  3. The city of Exeter in New Hampshire
  4. The town of Hampton Falls
  5. Kittery.
  6. ME – Ogunquit
  7. ME – Wells
  8. York (Maine)

What New Hampshire town borders Vermont?

Hinsdale, New Hampshire is located just across the Connecticut River from Brattleboro, Vermont, which is the bigger of the two towns.

Where is New Hampshire and Vermont?

Position on the map of the area The state of New Hampshire is situated in the New England area of the United States, namely in the north-eastern section of the country.The state is bordered to the east by Vermont, while the state is bordered to the south by Massachusetts.In the north, New Hampshire and the province of Quebec in Canada are next to one another along the international boundary.

Is Vermont next to Maine?

There is a distance of 259 kilometers between Maine and Vermont. This is equivalent to a distance of 161 miles if traveled by air. Between Maine and Vermont, the shortest distance possible to go by air is 259 kilometers, which is equal to 161 miles.

Does New Hampshire border Connecticut?

The Abenaki were one example of a Native American group that once resided in the state of New Hampshire. The states of Massachusetts, Maine, and Vermont are its neighboring states to the south, while Vermont is to the north. In addition, the province of Quebec, which is located in Canada, may be found along New Hampshire’s border.

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What Vermont towns border Massachusetts?

The town of Vernon, Vermont is a quaint community that may be found tucked away between Brattleboro, the Connecticut River, and the state line with Massachusetts. The drive to Boston from Vernon takes about two hours.

Does the Connecticut River divide Vermont and New Hampshire?

New Hampshire and Vermont are located along the Upper Connecticut River. It then widens as it outlines 255 miles (410 km) of the boundary between New Hampshire and Vermont, all while flowing through the remaining Connecticut Lakes and Lake Francis for 14 miles (23 km) within the town of Pittsburg. This whole stretch of the river is contained entirely within Pittsburg.

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