Who Is Montana Tucker?

American singer, songwriter, actor, and dancer Montana Tucker is from the United States. Montana began her career as a model at the age of eight, starring in national commercials (including those for Ovaltine, Sketchers, BMW, and Wendy’s, among others), television shows, and music videos. Montana was born in Florida on January 18, 1993.

What movies is Montana Tucker in?

  1. Known for the following films in their filmography: Step Up 2: The Streets Soundtrack (2008)
  2. Stream Montana
  3. The 2018 season of People Got Talent Montana
  4. Olivia, Flight Attendant, The Bay (2018-2019)
  5. Actress.
  6. Connie + Consuelo Gina (2019)
  7. Doin’ It Wrong in Montana (2019), written by Brent Rivera
  8. People Got Talent Montana (2018)

How old is Montana?

Before statehood Montana Territory
Admitted to the Union November 8, 1889 (41st)
Capital Helena
Largest city Billings

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