Who Is The State Treasurer Of Mississippi?

Mississippi Treasurer
Current Officeholder
David McRae
Next election: November 7, 2023

Who is Mississippi’s 55th State Treasurer?

David McRae became the state of Mississippi’s 55th Treasurer after being elected in 2019. Gipson is looking forward to working with everyone in Mississippi to promote, market, and improve Mississippi’s agriculture and commerce. Gipson is a farmer, a lawyer, and a preacher in addition to having served as a state representative in the past.

What are the duties of the Mississippi State Treasurer?

Article 5, Section 134 of the Constitution of Mississippi established the position of State Treasurer as one that is to be filled by an elected official.In addition to receiving, disbursing, and investing state money, the Treasurer is responsible for the issue of state debt, the timely payment of principle and interest on the state’s bond and note obligations, and responsibility for the timely payment of principal and interest on state debt.

What has Mississippi State Treasurer John McRae done for Mississippi?

In addition, during his first year in office, McRae has made returning millions of dollars worth of unclaimed property inside the Office of the State Treasurer a top priority, which has resulted in the distribution of unclaimed property.McRae is also in charge of College Savings Mississippi, an organization that assists thousands of young people in easing the financial burden of obtaining a college degree.

What does the Office of the State Treasurer do?

The objective of the Office of the State Treasurer of Mississippi is to safeguard and properly invest the state of Mississippi’s financial trust funds. In order to accomplish this goal, we have established ourselves as leaders in banking and the development of innovative financial solutions, as well as competent and reliable stewards of the state trust.

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What are the responsibilities of the state treasurer?

In general, the tasks of a state treasurer consist of managing the state treasury as well as making payments and disbursements. management of the payment system for all government employees, including those working in public schools. Controlling and managing the state’s pension funds and retirement program for state employees.

How do I claim unclaimed money in Mississippi?

Make a Claim in 3 Steps

  1. Create a copy of the Unclaimed Property Claim Form and fill it out.
  2. Obtain a notarization of your completed form. Make sure to add the unique identifier for the property, which is:
  3. Send your form, when it has been filled out and notarized, to the following address: Office of the State Treasurer, Unclaimed Property Division, P.O. Box 138, Jackson, Mississippi 39205

How long does it take to get unclaimed money in Mississippi?

After I have made a claim, how long will it take until I receive the money? After we have received all of the necessary evidence for your claim, the processing of your claim might take up to 8 weeks. It is possible that the process will take longer if the necessary documents is not included to the first claim form. There is a possibility that claims involving stock shares will take longer.

Where was David McRae born?

David McRae is a politician that hails from the state of Mississippi and was born in 1980.

What is the difference between the state controller and the state treasurer?

In my role as State Treasurer, I am responsible for managing the state’s assets, as well as acting as the state’s banker and financier. On the other side, the State Controller is responsible for accounting and auditing on behalf of the state. I am in charge of the state’s incoming finances as well as the assets that are invested.

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How long is the term for a State Treasurer?

The Treasurer of the State of California

State Treasurer of California
Seal of the State Treasurer of California
Incumbent Fiona Ma since January 7, 2019
Style The Honorable
Term length Four years, two term limit

How do I find unclaimed money in my name?

The following list of government entities have databases that may be searched for money that has been left unclaimed.

  1. Treasure Hunt: U.S. Securities and Payments That Have Been Left Unclaimed
  2. Mortgage Insurance Refunds from HUD and FHA
  3. Unclaimed Shares from the Credit Union
  4. National Association of Property Administrators for Unclaimed Assets.
  5. Unclaimed Funds in Bankruptcy in the United States Courts

What happens when you claim unclaimed property?

The legitimate owners of assets might retrieve monies that have been abandoned by the state using one of the recognized procedures.At the time of claiming unclaimed monies that have increased in value, there is a possibility that taxes will be charged.If you claim property, the value of such property will be recognized as ordinary income and subject to taxation in accordance with that status, unless the property is connected to a tax refund.

What is unclaimed money in Mississippi?

Residents of Mississippi are now able to complete the entirety of the claims process online thanks to our newly upgraded electronic claims system. ″ Unclaimed money is money that is given to the state by institutions such as banks, credit unions, retail establishments, and other businesses when such institutions are unable to locate the person who is legally entitled to the monies.

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How do I claim unclaimed property?

If you are the owner of any assets that are now in the custody of the Authority, you may lodge a claim to the Authority by providing the following documents:

  1. A claim form for the Original Owner(s), which is form 4A
  2. An agreement on indemnification (form 5)
  3. A letter of confirmation from the holder that the unclaimed financial assets have been sent to the Authority, which is an official letter

Did Mississippi have their own money?

The availability of gold, silver, and copper coins hampered the growth of Mississippi’s economy in 1850, despite the fact that the state’s economy was booming at the time. Banks and railways both started producing their own currency about this time.

What is Unclaimed money?

If a client does not use an account for a period of at least ten years without carrying out any transactions, the customer’s deposits will be categorized as ″unclaimed.″ The majority of this type of unclaimed money may be found in public banks and insurance companies.

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