Who Won Governor Of Michigan 2018?

Gretchen Whitmer, a Democrat, was victorious in the election and received 53.3% of the vote.

What were the results of the Michigan governor election?

Results of the Election for Governor of Michigan, Broken Down by Candidate and Party Votes Pct. Whitmer Democrat Gretchen Whitmer won 2,266,193 votes, or 53.3 percent of the total. Schuette Representative Bill Schuette is a Republican.

Who did Whitmer beat?

In the 2018 gubernatorial election, Whitmer prevailed over her Republican opponent, Attorney General Bill Schuette, to win the race for governor.

Which states have governor elections in 2021?

On September 14, 2021, a recall election was conducted in the state of California, and on November 2, 2021, elections for the governorship of New Jersey and Virginia were held in two different states in the United States. These elections are a portion of the general election in the United States that will take place in 2021.

What is MI governor salary?

Governor of Michigan
Formation November 3, 1835
Deputy Lieutenant Governor of Michigan
Salary $159,300 per year
Website Official website

Who did Janet Mills run against?

Election for Governor of Maine in the Year 2018

Nominee Janet Mills Shawn Moody
Party Democratic Republican
Popular vote 320,962 272,311
Percentage 50.9% 43.2%

How long is a governor’s term in Michigan?

An alphabetical list of all of Michigan’s Governors

Governor of Michigan
Style Her Excellency
Status Head of State Head of Government
Residence Michigan Governor’s Mansion
Term length Four years, renewable once

How long is governor term?

There is a maximum of two terms for governors who took office after November 6, 1990, and they are chosen by the general population to serve for a period of four years.

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Which states have governor elections in 2023?

On November 7, 2023, elections for governor will take place in the states of Kentucky, Louisiana, and Mississippi, respectively, in the United States. In the event that further governor seats become vacant, the laws of the respective states may require that special elections be held. These elections are a component of the general election in the United States in 2023.

What are 3 powers of the governor?

  1. The approval of state budgets and funding is under the legislative branch’s purview.
  2. Passage of laws at the state level
  3. Confirmation of nominations to the executive branch and the judiciary
  4. And
  5. Monitoring of the operations of the executive branch by the legislature

What is Michigan’s motto?

If you are looking for a lovely peninsula, look all about you, which is the motto of the state, which translates to ″If you want a pleasant peninsula, look all around you.″ Population: The United States Census Bureau’s estimates place the state of Michigan’s population at 10,077,331 residents as of the year 2020.

How often do governors get elected?

The term of office for the governor is four years, after which the governor has the option of running for reelection. It is against the rules for the Governor to serve for more than eight years in any given period of twelve years.

Did LePage win the election?

In 2010, LePage campaigned for governor of Maine and won the general election with a plurality of the vote, receiving 37.6 percent of the vote. There were five other candidates in the race. In an election with three candidates in 2014, he won reelection with a larger plurality of the vote, receiving 48.2 percent of the vote overall.

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Who ran against Paul LePage?

Paul LePage, a Republican and the mayor of Waterville, was elected governor of Maine in 2010 after a three-way race that was extremely close. He received 38 percent of the vote. He prevailed against independent candidate Eliot Cutler, who received 36 percent of the vote, as well as Democrat Libby Mitchell, who received 19 percent of the vote and is the president of the Maine Senate.

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