Why Did Small States In Particular Prefer The New Jersey Plan?

  1. The smaller states chose the New Jersey Plan over the Virginia Plan because it promised equal status in Congress.
  2. Virginia’s plan, on the other hand, would have benefited larger states.
  3. According to the New Jersey Plan, each state, regardless of its total population, was to have a total of two representatives.

On the other hand, the Virginia Plan suggested that state representation should be determined by the number of people living in each state.

What is the New Jersey Plan and why is it important?

The purpose of the New Jersey Plan was to prevent the larger states from trampling over the interests of the smaller states by providing a mechanism to defend their interests. Instead of basing votes in Congress on representation, as was originally proposed, the proposal called for each state to be granted one vote in order to level the playing field for smaller states.

What is the New Jersey Plan for Congress?

  1. If representation in both chambers of Congress were distributed according to each state’s population, the most populous states, like Virginia, would have a significant edge in the process of shaping national policy.
  2. William Paterson, who was the representative for New Jersey at the time, took the initiative to lead the opposition against the Virginia Plan.
  3. After two weeks of discussion, Paterson presented his own idea, which he referred to as the New Jersey Plan.

What was the New Jersey Plan of 1787?

  1. The New Jersey Plan was a proposition for the formation of the federal government of the United States that was offered by William Paterson during the Constitutional Convention of 1787.
  2. The plan was named after the state of New Jersey.
  3. As a direct result of the Virginia Concept, this plan was conceived.

Paterson’s objective was to devise a strategy that would make it possible for less populous states to participate in legislative affairs on the national level.

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