How Far Is Jackson Georgia From Atlanta Georgia?

The driving distance between Jackson, Georgia and Atlanta, Georgia is 50 miles (80 km). How far is it between Jackson, Georgia, and Atlanta, Georgia? By automobile, it takes 51 minutes to get there. The flying distance between Jackson, Georgia and Atlanta, Georgia is roughly 40 miles (64 kilometers), and the flight time is 4 minutes.

What is Jackson Georgia known for?

Jackson, Georgia, is a progressive and varied community with a rich history and culture. It is located in historic Butts County, about 40 miles south of Atlanta. As you travel through our downtown area, you will see historic residences, large city facilities, and small-town charms in plenty.

Is Jackson GA a good place to live?

The city of Jackson has often been rated as one of the greatest locations to live in the state of Mississippi. The website published a list of 46 of what it describes as the ″greatest locations to live in Georgia″ just a few days ago. Jackson came in at number 40 on the list.

How for is Jackson from Atlanta?

50 miles / 80 km

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How far is Jackson TN from Atlanta GA?

It takes 372 miles or 599 kilometers to go from Atlanta, Georgia to Jackson, Tennessee in a straight line.

Is Jackson Ga safe?

You may do this by looking at safety scores and rankings.″ Jackson was named 23rd safest city in Georgia in a 2018 report by the security analysis firm SafeWise, an improvement from its previous position of 24th. ″The fact that our city continues to be ranked among the safest in Georgia is not by chance.

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What is the closest city to Jackson Georgia?

Cities in the vicinity of Jackson (Georgia)

50 miles: Atlanta
39 miles: Macon
60 miles: Dacula
94 miles: Braselton (Georgia)
84 miles: Buford

How far is Fort Jackson from Atlanta?

The driving distance between Atlanta and Fort Jackson is 207 kilometers (150 miles). In terms of road distance, it is 231.4 miles.

What county is Jackson Lake Ga in?

Jackson Lake is a body of water in the United States (Georgia)

Jackson Lake
Location Butts / Jasper / Newton counties, Georgia, United States
Coordinates 33.3680°N 83.8555°W
Lake type reservoir
Primary inflows Yellow, Alcovy, South rivers; Tussahaw Creek

How far is Georgia from Jackson?

381 miles / 613 km

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How much is a bus ticket from Atlanta Georgia to Jackson Mississippi?

Information on this bus route

Daily Buses 3
Minimum Price $62
Average Ticket Price $72
Minimum Trip Duration 6h15m
Average Bus Trip Duration 8h45m

How far is Atlanta from Mississippi by plane?

The estimate of flight time is based on the straight line distance from Atlanta, GA to Mississippi (‘as the crow flies’), which is around 314 miles or 505 kilometers. Your vacation begins in Atlanta, Georgia.

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