How Far Is Minnesota From Kansas City?

The flight distance between Minneapolis, Minnesota and Kansas City, Kansas is roughly 411 miles (662 kilometers), and the flight time is 49 minutes. Check out our ″Gas cost calculator″ feature while you’re at it, too!

How far is Kansas from Minnesota by plane?

It takes approximately 520 miles or 837 kilometers to fly from Kansas to Minnesota, which is the straight line distance (sometimes known as the ″as the crow flies″). The flight duration is calculated using this distance.

How far is Minneapolis from Kansas City by plane?

The straight-line distance between Minneapolis, MN and Kansas City, MO (‘as the crow flies’) is used to calculate the flight time. This distance is about 411 miles (662 kilometers) between the two cities.

How many hours is it from Kansas City to Minnesota?

How long does it take to get from Kansas City, Missouri to Minneapolis, Minnesota? The entire driving duration is six hours and twenty-three minutes.

How far is Minneapolis Minnesota and Kansas City?

The driving distance between Minneapolis and Kansas City is 437 miles (703 km).

Is Minnesota near Kansas?

The entire driving distance between Kansas and Minnesota is 658 miles (1 059 kilometers) and is divided into two parts.

How far is it from Kansas City Missouri to Minneapolis?

There are 438 miles or 705 kilometers between Kansas City, Missouri and Minneapolis, Minnesota if you drive nonstop.

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