How Far Is Savannah Georgia From Tampa Florida?

The flight distance between Tampa, FL and Savannah, GA is roughly 297 miles (478 kilometers), and the flight time is 35 minutes. Check out our ″Gas cost calculator″ feature while you’re at it, too!

What is halfway between Savannah and Tampa?

This location is approximately halfway between Savannah, GA and Tampa, FL Highland, Florida, is the town that serves as the precise midway point on the route between New York and Washington. The zip code 32058 is the one that is closest to the midway. The exact latitude and longitude coordinates are 30° 8′ 0′ N and 82° 2′ 23′ W, which correspond to the North Pole.

Is Savannah Georgia close to Atlanta?

The distance between Atlanta and Savannah is approximately 250 miles, which equates to a four-hour journey, depending on traffic conditions.

What is the driving distance between Savannah Georgia and Tampa Florida?

There are 337 miles (542 kilometers) between Savannah, Georgia and Tampa, Florida in total travel distance.

How far apart are Savannah and Tybee Island?

Tybee Island (Georgia) Savannah’s Beach is a popular tourist destination. The town of Tybee Island, Georgia, is a tiny seaside village that is about 18 miles from Savannah, Georgia’s historic district.

What’s halfway between here and Savannah?

In the middle of the journey between Atlanta and Savannah According on recommendations from Trippy users, Macon is the greatest area to meet up with friends. Montrose, California, would be the site that is the closest to the precise midway (Georgia). Where can we find a meeting point in the middle?

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How far is Savannah from the Florida border?

352 miles / 566 km.

How far is Savannah from the beach?

Tybee Island, which is located 18 miles from downtown Savannah, is the nearest beach to Savannah, Georgia. To go to the closest beaches, you’ll have to drive a bit further south to Georgia’s Jekyll Island (94 miles) or further north to Florida’s Amelia Island (128 miles).

Is Savannah or Charleston better?

Charleston and Savannah are both welcoming places with a rich history and a strong sense of southern hospitality. As a result, Savannah is a little more laid-back than Charleston, so if you want to see a bustling city, Charleston is definitely the best bet. Visit Savannah if you’re looking for a more laid-back atmosphere.

Can you swim at Tybee Island?

Two of Tybee’s most important beach access locations are located on Tybrisa, at the end of the street, and North Beach, beyond the Fort Screven Museum on Meddin. There are various more entry locations, however they generally have fewer parking and require a longer walk to the beach.

Is Tybee Island worth visiting?

Tybee Island is also rich in history, offers many of opportunities for outdoor recreation, and has gorgeous beaches and a welcoming ambiance for families. Because of its nearly three miles of sandy beaches, Tybee Island is an excellent place for sunbathing, swimming, water activities such as kayaking, and fishing. Please make sure to bring a bottle of sunscreen with you.

What is better Tybee Island or Hilton Head?

With a variety of affordable beachfront accommodations and a variety of outdoor activities to enjoy with children, Tybee Island is unquestionably a better family vacation destination than Hilton Head, and its close proximity to Savannah (just a 20-minute drive) provides an abundance of opportunities to explore the city.

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