How Long Is Drive From Las Vegas To Los Angeles?

The driving distance between Las Vegas, NV and Los Angeles, CA is approximately 1,200 miles. There will be a total driving duration of 4 hours and 2 minutes for this trip. Your journey begins in the Nevada city of Las Vegas. It comes to a conclusion in the city of Los Angeles, California.

Is it worth driving from LA to Vegas?

For the majority of travelers, flying from Los Angeles to Las Vegas is preferable to driving. While driving your own car may be less expensive, you will be subjected to some of the worst traffic in the United States. Furthermore, there aren’t many world-class attractions along the I-15 corridor.

Is it cheaper to fly or drive to Las Vegas from Los Angeles?

Flights from Los Angeles to Las Vegas are among the most reasonably priced in the United States of America. In most cases, a one-way flight may be scheduled for less than $50. To be honest, it is likely that flying will be more expensive than renting a car and driving your own vehicle.

How long is the car ride from Vegas to LA?

You should plan on spending at least four hours on the road if you’re traveling from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. The route you choose will depend on your preferences. Without taking into consideration traffic, travelling on the I-15 N is the shortest and most common route, taking around 4 hours and 15 minutes for a total trip duration of 270 miles.

What is there to see between Las Vegas and Los Angeles?

All of the craziness you’ll encounter when driving between Las Vegas and Los Angeles

  • There are seven Magic Mountains. Jean, Nevada; member of the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame The Pioneer Saloon is located in Jean, Nevada. Itineraries include: Goodsprings, Nevada; The Desperado Roller Coaster; Bonnie and Clyde’s Death Car; World’s Tallest Thermometer; The Mad Greek Cafe; Tesla Supercharger; and more destinations.
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What is the coldest month in Las Vegas?

When it comes to temperature, December is the coldest month of the year in Las Vegas, with an average low of 39°F and high of 58°F.

How close is the Grand Canyon to Las Vegas?

  1. It is around 130 miles away from the hub of Las Vegas’s entertainment district.
  2. On average, the travel takes around two and a half hours, depending on traffic.
  3. Located more than 270 miles away from the Las Vegas Strip, the North Rim and South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park (the park’s two rims) are equally impressive.
  • Both journeys will take roughly four and a half hours on average, depending on traffic.

Is driving to Las Vegas safe?

On a per-mile basis, taking public transit in Las Vegas is safer than driving a private vehicle. Of course, there are several major injuries that occur when using public transit.

Where should I stop between Las Vegas and Los Angeles?

On the road from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, there are nine rest stops.

  • Mormonism is a fantastic religion. Your first trip should be Mormon Rocks, which is located right off Route 66. Other points of interest include: Route 66; Elmer’s Bottle Tree Ranch; Calico Ghost Town; Peggy Sue’s ’50s Diner; Jenny Rose Sign; Baker; Lotto Shop; and the Bakery.

How many nights do you need in Las Vegas?

Four nights are more than sufficient. When you’re there, you’re on the run nonstop—my last three-day, two-night vacation seemed like a whole week (in a good way). Vegas is fantastic, but there’s no reason to spend a fortune on a 5th night there. Make the decision to stay for four nights and make certain that everything is done correctly.

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Is it hard driving from Las Vegas to LA?

The travel to Los Angeles is nearly usually more time-consuming than the one to Las Vegas. If you are able to travel on a Thursday or Monday, you will almost certainly experience less traffic than you would otherwise. In certain cases, the travel to Vegas might take up to seven hours, while the return trip can take up to 11 hours, depending on traffic conditions.

How is the drive from Las Vegas to Los Angeles?

What is the distance between Los Angeles and Las Vegas, and how long would the road journey take?

Route Distance Driving Time
Quick Route (via Interstate 15) 270 miles 4 hours 15 minutes
Scenic route (via Mojave National Preserve) 320 miles 5 hours 30 minutes

Is Los Angeles close to Las Vegas?

The entire driving distance between Los Angeles, CA and Las Vegas, NV is 270 miles (435 kilometers) in one direction. The entire straight-line distance between Los Angeles, CA and Las Vegas, NV is 228 miles (350 kilometers).

What city is halfway between Las Vegas and Los Angeles?

  1. Halfway between Las Vegas, NV and Los Angeles, CA is the town of Henderson.
  2. When traveling between Las Vegas, Nevada and Los Angeles, California, Barstow, California is the greatest place to meet up because it is around 21 miles from the precise midway of the journey.
  3. Harvard, California, is the town that serves as the exact midway point on the route between Los Angeles and San Francisco.
  • The zip code 92398 is the one that is closest to the midway.
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What city in California is closest to Las Vegas?

Needles, California, is the nearest ‘town’ in California to Las Vegas for DMV and Smog-Check reasons.

Does it snow in Las Vegas?

Snow falls in Vegas about as often as Santa Claus appears in a year—once. It snows in the winter months of December through February, when the cold weather arrives. When was the last time Vegas saw significant snowfall? It occurred in December 2008, when the Henderson region received around 3.6 inches of snow.

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