How Long Is The Kansas Turnpike?

Kansas Turnpike
Length 236 mi (380 km)
Existed October 1956–present
Component highways I-35 from the Oklahoma state line to Emporia I-335 from Emporia to Topeka I-470 in southeastern Topeka I-70 from Topeka to Kansas City
Major junctions

How many interchanges are there on the Kansas Turnpike?

The overall length of the route is 236 miles and there are 22 interchanges and 6 service stations along the way. Wichita, Topeka, and Lawrence are among the many significant cities in the state of Kansas that may be reached by the turnpike.

What is the length of the Massachusetts Turnpike?

The Massachusetts Turnpike is informally split into two sections by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT): the original 123-mile (198 km) ‘Western Turnpike’ that extends from the state border with New York through the interchange with I-95 and Route 128 at exit 123 in Weston, and the 15-mile (24 km) ‘Boston Extension’ that continues beyond exit 123 through Boston.Together, these two segments total 198 kilometers.

How long is Kansas east to west?

Length 213 mi (343 km)
Width 410 mi (660 km)
Elevation 2,000 ft (610 m)

How much are the tolls on I 70 in Kansas?

The prices of Kansas’s toll roads To go from the southern gate to the eastern entrance in a vehicle with two axles, the tolls are $15 if paid in cash but just $11.15 if the K-Tag is used. To use this segment of the turnpike with a vehicle that has two axles will cost an additional $19.88 in violation tolls.

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Why is I 35 a toll road in Kansas?

KDOT is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the state’s interstate system. The construction of the toll road that spans 236 miles took place between 1955 and 1956 in a record-setting 22 months. It was constructed as a toll facility to fulfill the need for a modern roadway without placing more financial strain on the people who live in Kansas.

How far is it east to west across Kansas?

However, the journey along this 424-mile stretch east from Kansas City to the state’s western border is filled with rich history, beautiful natural wonders, a multitude of ″World’s Largest″ items, and so many other fascinating stops. The journey begins in Kansas City and ends at the state’s western border.

How long is I 70 across Kansas?

I-70 traverses the entirety of the state of Kansas, spanning slightly over 424 miles (682 kilometers) from the Colorado state line, close to the town of Kanorado, all the way to the Missouri state line in Kansas City.

Do I need cash for the Kansas Turnpike?

Both cash and credit cards are accepted at our plazas. At toll plazas with a low flow of ″cash″ cars during certain time periods, self-pay devices that are staffed by remote attendants are employed in place of staffing to collect tolls rather of the traditional cash method.

Are Kansas tolls cash only?

There are three different rates of payment required to utilize the Kansas Turnpike: Cash toll rate: Passengers who pay their tolls at the toll booth have the option of paying this rate with cash or a credit card. Those who leave the airport via exit 53A have the option of paying the cash rate online at within ten days of their travel.

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What happens if you miss a toll in Kansas?

If you did not receive a ticket when you entered the building, you must inform the collector at the exit (or press the assistance button on a self-pay machine).If you did not exit right to pay the toll, your ″missed toll″ is regarded a violation in accordance with the legislation of the state of Kansas, and the toll statement will be issued to the registered owner of the car at the violation rate.

Does E-ZPass work on Kansas Turnpike?

Conclusion. If you have an E-ZPass and you need to go to Kansas, there is nothing stopping you from doing so. You may go wherever you want with your pass. The E-ZPass can be used in conjunction with the K-Tag Pass toll collecting system that is currently in use in the state of Kansas.

How much are Kansas tolls?


Toll Road Name Kansas Turnpike, Kansas
Cost of the Toll Road Fixed rate based on axle and distance traveled
Auto Cost $12.00 max for full length, $0.30 min (calculate your costs here:
Truck Costs $77.50 max, $0.35 min
Distance of the Toll Road 236 miles – 380 Km

Is Kansas safe to drive through?

OVERALL DANGER: MEDIUM RISK Outside of the city center and other tourist locations, it is important to exercise caution in Kansas City. However, the city center itself is rather secure.

Why are there gates on I 70 in Kansas?

Driving in a blizzard is an extremely dangerous activity. This straightforward aluminum barrier completely halted vehicles, so significantly lowering that risk. These gates have been installed at on-ramps along the western portion of Interstate 70 (I-70) in Kansas by the Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) over the past twenty years.

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Where in Kansas should I stop on the way to Colorado?

Along the route, there aren’t many major cities or villages, although Topeka, Kansas, and Salinas, California, are two that stand out. Hays, Kansas, is the most convenient place to stop for those traveling between Denver and Kansas City. There are a number of hotels and motels in the town of Hays, making it an excellent choice for an overnight stay.

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