How Long Will It Take To Get To Florida?

It takes on average 4 hours 55 minutes to go from point A to point B via direct route. From Los Angeles to Florida, the shortest direct trip takes 4 hours and 55 minutes to accomplish. In terms of hours, how far is Hawaii from me?

How long of a flight is it to Florida?

What is the duration of flights to Florida?

Departure airport Destination airport Average flight time
London Heathrow (LHR) Miami (MIA) 9h 20m
London Gatwick (LGW) Tampa (TPA) 9h 30m
Glasgow (GLA) Orlando (MCO) 8h 40m
Manchester (MAN) Orlando (MCO) 9 hours

How far is Florida from me by plane hours?

The journey from Florida to Maine will take 3 hours and 11 minutes in total, including stops.

How long is a flight from OH to Florida?

Flying time from Ohio to Florida is around 3.5 hours. There is a total of 1 hour, 58 minutes between Ohio and Florida in the flight time. Flight time in the air (from wheels up to wheels down on the runway) is calculated based on real flights made during the last year, encompassing routes such as CMH to MCO, and is expressed as an average.

How many hours does it take to drive through Florida?

It’s also quite simple because Florida has excellent highways, is generally level, and is a reasonably priced spot to rent a car and fill up the tank. Even though it takes around 13 hours to travel from top to bottom, it’s far more enjoyable to create a list of things to do and convert it into a one-, two-, or even three-week excursion.

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Is Florida 5 hours behind UK?

A time zone difference of 5 hours separates the center of Florida (FL) from the center of the United Kingdom.

How long is Florida to New York?

The distance between Florida and New York A direct flight from Florida to New York covers the shortest distance of 997.58 miles (1,605.45 km). Following the route planner’s recommendations, the shortest path between Florida and New-York is 1,147.29 miles (1,846.38 kilometers). The travel time is around 21 hours and 58 minutes.

Is California near Florida?

When traveling from Florida to California at a constant pace of 50 kilometers per hour, you will arrive in California in 89 hours and 28 minutes. Florida is located around 3681 kilometers distant from California.

How far is Florida to Texas?

What a wonderful adventure! Florida is approximately 20 hours and 40 minutes away from Texas, or a little more than 1,369 miles in travel distance. This measurement, on the other hand, is from the middle of one state to the middle of another state.

How long is a car ride from New York to Florida?

That road trip is going to be fantastic! The travel from New York City to Key West in Florida will take you 14 hours if you start in New York City and proceed to Key West. You’ll go 1,200 miles in all. Due to the length of the journey, it may be necessary to break it up over multiple days.

How long is Ohio to Florida?

How long does it take to get from Ohio to Florida by car? 16 hours and 5 minutes has been allotted for the journey.

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How many hours is it from New York to Florida by plane?

Flying time from New York to Florida is around 8 hours. There are 2 hours and 37 minutes of flying time between New York and Florida on the way there. Flight time in the air (from wheels up to wheels down on the runway) is calculated based on real flights flown during the past year, including routes such as SWF to MCO, and is displayed below.

How long is a flight from Cali to Florida?

The average time for a direct trip is 5 hours 43 minutes. Five hours and forty-three minutes is the shortest direct travel time between California and Florida.

How long is Florida top to bottom?

Florida’s Physical Geography

Longitude / Latitude Longitude: 79° 48′ W to 87° 38′ W Latitude: 24° 30′ N to 31° N Florida base and elevation maps
Length x Width Florida is 500 miles long and 160 miles wide at its most distant points.

How many miles across is Florida?

Length 447 mi (721 km)
Width 361 mi (582 km)
Elevation 100 ft (30 m)

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