How Much Do Nurses Make In Illinois?

Nurses working full-time in Illinois are generally compensated on a yearly basis. According to the Illinois Department of Employment Security, RN-ADN nurses make an average annual pay of $53,205, but RN-BSN nurses earn an average annual compensation of $78,222, a significant increase from the previous year.

What is the average RN salary in Il?

According to, the average hourly RN income in Illinois was $33.08 in September of this year, which was a 9 percent increase above the national average salary for a nurse. Salary of a Registered Nurse in Illinois based on different percentile brackets. The wages of registered nurses are shown in the following table at various percentile levels.

What is the lowest salary for a registered nurse in Chicago?

It takes a Registered Nurse to earn $56,154 per year in the Chicago, IL Area, which is the lowest wage in the area. What is the typical career path and salary trajectory for a Registered Nurse?

How many RNs are employed in Illinois?

A total of 129,400 registered nurses (RNs) were working in the state, with an estimated employment rate of 21.598 per 1000 jobs. According to, the average hourly RN income in Illinois was $33.08 in September of this year, which was a 9 percent increase above the national average salary for a nurse.

How much does a nurse anesthetist make in Illinois (IL)?

It is estimated that the average Nurse Anesthetist Salary in Illinois (IL) is $164,790, which is somewhat lower than the national average salary scale for CRNAs. According to the most recent statistics, there are around 1,410 Nurse Anesthetists employed in the state of Illinois across a variety of businesses.

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How much does a nurse in IL make?

Licensed practical nurses in Illinois make an average yearly salary of $78,260 (or $37.63 per hour) on average. In Illinois, registered nurses make an average pay of $82,750 (or $39.78 per hour), which is 5 percent less than the national average wage for RNs.

How much do new nurses make in Illinois?

In Illinois, how much money does a newly graduated registered nurse make? A new graduate registered nurse’s salary in Illinois is now $67,551, according to the most recent available data (as of April 26, 2022), however the wage range normally ranges between $60,595 and $77,226.

What is the highest paid nursing?

Nurse Anesthetist with a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthesia: $202,470 According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs) earn an average of $202,470 a year on the national level; this makes CRNAs the highest-paid type of nursing position by a significant margin.

How much does a nurse with a BSN make in Illinois?

However, while wages for BSN positions in Illinois may range from $128,836 to $32,428, the majority of salaries in the category now range from $58,283 (25th percentile) to $88,958 (75th percentile), with the top earners (90th percentile) earning $110,869 per year in the state of Illinois.

What is a teacher’s salary in Illinois?

According to a 2018 survey from the National Education Association, the average salary for a public school teacher in Illinois is $65,721. This is the eleventh highest number in the country. The state with the highest average public school teacher salary is New York, where the typical teacher earns $84,227 per year.

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How do I become an RN in Illinois?

Now, let’s explore how to become a nurse in Illinois.

  1. Step 1: Complete a nursing program and obtain your nursing license.
  2. Step 2: Submit an application for RN licensure in Illinois through examination.
  3. Step 3: Pass the National Council on Licensure of Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN).
  4. Step 4: Locate RN employment opportunities in Illinois.

How long does it take to be an RN?

Generally speaking, a prospective nursing student may expect to graduate with a Registered Nurse (RN) license in around three years. Following successful completion of an academic program at an approved institution or university, the student is awarded a diploma.

What are high paying jobs?

Occupations with the Highest Wages

Family medicine physicians This wage is equal to or greater than $208,000 per year
Airline pilots, copilots, and flight engineers $202,180 per year
Nurse anesthetists $195,610 per year
Chief executives $179,520 per year

How much do nurses make an hour starting out in Illinois?

Registered Nurse (RN), Level 1 salaries in Illinois are based on experience and education. On April 26, 2022, the average Registered Nurse (RN) Level 1 income in Illinois was $67,230; however, the compensation range was frequently between $60,310 and $76,860, according to Payscale.

What nurses are the happiest?

  1. The Most Valuable Nursing Specializations During the Pandemic, Nurse Educators will be needed. Of any other sort of nurse, nurse educators reported the greatest overall levels of satisfaction, with 33 percent stating that they were satisfied with their present position.
  2. Nurses who work in the home.
  3. Nurse Supervisors.
  4. Nurses who work in the operating room.
  5. Nurses who work with children
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What is the highest paying job in the world?

Salary on average: $381,500 per year Neurosurgeons earn the highest salaries of any profession on the planet.

Is a nursing degree worth it?

  • In 2019, the median income for registered nurses was $73,300.
  • According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this is over double the national median income of $40,000 per year.
  • Nurses are well aware of the demanding requirements of their jobs, with just 51 percent of registered nurses indicating that they were paid fairly for their work.
  1. Advanced practice nurses, on the other hand, earn significantly more than registered nurses.

How much do EMT B make in Illinois?

In the state of Illinois, the average hourly wage for an emt-basic is $18.57.

How much does a cna make in a hospital in Illinois?

In Illinois, the average hourly wage for a nursing assistant is $19.43, with an additional $4,500 in overtime pay each year. 21.1k wages were recorded as of April 27, 2022, using the most recent salary data available.

How much do new grad nurses make in Chicago?

Nursing Salary for New Graduates in the Chicago, IL Area

Job Title Location Salary
AMITA Health New Grad RN salaries – 4 salaries reported Chicago, IL Area $32/hr
Rush University Medical Center New Grad RN salaries – 3 salaries reported Chicago, IL Area $33/hr
Advocate Health Care New Grad RN salaries – 3 salaries reported Chicago, IL Area $35/hr

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