How Much Do Rn Make In Arizona?

The average length of time spent as a Registered Nurse is 1-3 years. In Phoenix, AZ, the average hourly wage for a registered nurse is $33.39, with an additional $12,855 in overtime pay each year. Was the information about salary and benefits useful to you?

Salary of a Registered Nurse in the State of Arizona (AZ) It is estimated that the average Registered Nurse Salary in Arizona (AL) is $75,110 per year, which is higher than the national average for RNs. The state of Arizona employs around 54,630 Registered Nurses who work in a variety of settings across a variety of businesses.

How much does a registered nurse make in Arizona?

In Arizona, the average hourly wage for a registered nurse is $36.48 and the average annual income is $12,500, including $12,500 in overtime. Salary information for 5.6k employees was last updated on January 8, 2022. Is this of any use? Is this of any use? Is this of any use?

What is the average salary of a registered nurse in California?

The state with the highest average wage for registered nurses (RNs) is California, with an average compensation of $118,183 for the whole state. The state with the lowest average wage is West Virginia, where the average registered nurse salary is $58,270 on a statewide basis. Was this answer of use to you?

How much does a registered nurse make with 5 years experience?

In the United States, the average wage for a registered nurse with five years of experience is $35.93 per hour. Was this answer of use to you? What is the average pay of a registered nurse in each state? The state with the highest average wage for registered nurses (RNs) is California, with an average compensation of $118,183 for the whole state.

What is the highest paid state for nurses?

It should come as no surprise that healthcare employees earn some of the highest salaries in the country.All 50 states (including the District of Columbia) are shown here, along with the average (mean) wage for registered nurses in each state in 2019.South Dakota is number 51.

  • The average salary for a registered nurse is $59,540.
  • The average hourly wage is $28.63.
  • South Dakota has a total of 12,950 registered nurses (RNs).
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Mississippi.The average salary for a registered nurse is $59,750.

How much are nurses paid in Arizona?

Licensed practical nurses in Arizona make an average annual salary of $80,380 (or $38.64 per hour). Registered nurses in Arizona earn $80,010 per year (or $38.47 per hour), which is 0 percent more than the national average salary for RNs.

How much a RN make an hour in Arizona?

It takes $38.64 an hour to work as a registered nurse in Arizona. The average registered nurse wage in Arizona is $1.546 an hour to work a week, $6,700 a month to work a month, and $80,380 to work a year. Where Can I Find Information About the Average Salary of a Registered Nurse in Arizona?

Hourly $38.64
Annual $80,380
(Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)

How much does a RN BSN make in AZ?

Salary for a BSN in Phoenix, Arizona

Annual Salary Hourly Wage
Top Earners $121,732 $59
75th Percentile $97,674 $47
Average $83,864 $40
25th Percentile $63,993 $31

What state has highest RN salary?

The top ten highest-paying states for registered nurses are as follows:

Rank State Average RN Salary
1 California $120,560
2 Hawaii $104,830
3 Massachusetts $96,250
4 Oregon $96,230

How do I become an RN in Arizona?


  1. A diploma, an associate degree, or a bachelor’s degree in nursing from an accredited institution is required of all RN applicants.
  2. A passing score on the NCLEX examination
  3. Graduates from out of state institutions – Transcripts, which include graduation dates and the kind of degree earned, should be forwarded to the Arizona State Board of Nursing by your institution.

What is the cost of living in Arizona?

A value less than 100 indicates that Arizona is more affordable than the national average. A cost of living index greater than 100 indicates that Arizona is more costly than the national average. The cost of living in Arizona is 102.2 dollars per month.

COST OF LIVING Arizona United States
Overall 102.2 100
Grocery 96.1 100
Health 95.2 100
Housing 107.8 100

How long does it take to become a RN in Arizona?

In a nursing degree program, expect to spend between 2-4 years in school. These are generally full-time programs, which means that students are enrolled in a minimum of 12 credit hours every semester and a maximum of 24 credit hours.

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How can I be a RN?

How to Become a Licensed Practical Nurse

  1. Earn your Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. To become a registered nurse, you must first get a bachelor’s degree from an authorized college.
  2. Pass the NCLEX-RN examination.
  3. Obtain a state-issued license.
  4. Advanced Training (optional) should be sought.

How many hours do nurses work a week?

Nurses often work eight-, ten-, or twelve-hour shifts each week. The hours worked by a nurse might vary based on a variety of circumstances, including location, demand, and personal choice. Full-time nurses often work between 36 and 40 hours per week, whereas part-time nurses work fewer than 30 hours per week on an average.

How much do new grad nurses make in Arizona?

The average salary for an entry-level new graduate registered nurse in Phoenix, Arizona is $41,050. As of March 29, 2022, the average income for a New Graduate Registered Nurse in Phoenix, Arizona is $64,800, with a compensation range generally ranging between $58,129 and $74,078, depending on experience.

What BSN means?

Nursing students pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN), sometimes known as a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, receive an introduction to areas such as patient care technology, research, health promotion, safety and quality in the healthcare system throughout their undergraduate studies. Krysten Godfrey Maddocks is an actress. The date is February 25, 2022.

How much does a BSN make in California?

What does a BSN earn in the state of California? In California, the average yearly salary for BSN employment is $89,529 per year as of March 25, 2022, according to Payscale. In the event that you want a basic pay calculator, that equates to around $43.04 an hour. $1,722 per week or $7,461 per month is the equal of this amount.

Where are nurses needed most?

  1. Are there any states that have a greater need for nurses than others? California has 274 650 residents
  2. Texas has 207 810 residents
  3. New York has 180 730 residents
  4. Florida has 174 710 residents
  5. and Pennsylvania has 139 480 residents.

Is RN a good career?

A career in nursing is an excellent choice if you are looking for something that will allow you to have an influence on the world while also providing a comfortable lifestyle. Certified Registered Nurses (CRNs) are among the greatest healthcare occupations in the country, according to the latest U.S. News and World Report Job Rankings.

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What city pays nurses the most?

Registered nurses earn the most money in the following cities:

Rank City / Metro Area Average RN Salary
1 San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara, CA $155,230
2 San Francisco-Oakland-Hayward, CA $151,640
3 Vallejo-Fairfield, CA $146,360
4 Santa Rosa, CA $141,440

How much does a RN make starting?

The beginning hourly compensation for a registered nurse might range from $16.50 and $26.00 per hour.This income will rise over time as nurses get more experience, obtain further certificates, and become more specialized in a certain field.In addition to the usual yearly raises granted by many businesses, registered nurses can develop their careers to management roles as they gain experience.

What is the average RN salary by state?

Registered nurse wages might vary, but according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the average annual income for registered nurses in 2018 was $75,510.The top 90th percentile received an annual income of $106,530, which was the most in the country.According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the top five states for RN salary are as follows: California’s Registered Nurse Salary is $106,950.

  • The average RN salary in Hawaii is $98,080.
  • Salary of a Registered Nurse in the District of Columbia: $92,350

How much does a registered nurse make?

Full-time average hourly wages for professional jobs in nursing, which includes registered nurses, are projected to be $39.22 in 2020 for registered nurses. It is estimated that this work sector will earn an approximate full-time annual pay of $78,000 by 2020, based on the related median weekly wage rate of $1,492. Licensing

What is the average salary of a new Grad nurse?

O’FALLON– HSHS St. Elizabeth’s Hospital will conduct an RN New Grad meet and greet Career Fair for local registered nurses. Attendees will learn about the hospital’s culture, purpose, and dedication to excellence from the Chief Nursing Officer and nursing leaders.

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