How Much Does A Teacher Make In Kansas?

The pay scale for educators in Kansas The state of Kansas pays its teachers an annual salary of around $50,576 on average.

How much do teachers get paid in Kansas 2020?

As a result of the crisis that is unfolding, incomes are subject to quick change. Since March of 2020, the following is the average compensation for teachers in the state of Kansas. How much does a year’s salary for a teacher in Kansas amount to? Tooltip for the data source on the average starting income. In Kansas, the hourly wage for teachers is typically around $13.10 on average.

How much do teacher jobs pay per hour?

Since 2018, there has been a 15.38 percent growth in the number of occupations that need this talent. Educators who possess this ability earn a base wage that is 174.49 percent more than the national average, which is $14.42 per hour.

What are the highest and lowest paid jobs in teaching?

Teachers at the secondary school level often bring in the most money, whilst educators working with preschoolers typically earn the least. The majority of teachers’ salaries are influenced by a variety of variables, including their location, the cost of living there, their degree of education, and the sort of educational institution in which they work. Did you find that answer helpful?

How do I find out my salary as a teacher?

You may use Indeed’s Wage Calculator to obtain a free, tailored pay range that is based on your area, the industry you work in, and the amount of experience you have if you are uncertain about what salary is acceptable for a teacher.

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