How To Become A Private Investigator Illinois?

In Illinois, you may learn how to become a private investigator through training and certification.

  1. Choosing the best route for your application in Illinois
  2. Qualifying for the Illinois PI Exam and obtaining a license. In Illinois, you can also qualify for a private investigator license if you satisfy specific educational criteria at a private investigator school.
  3. Illinois Private Investigator Education and Certification Requirements Additionally, you will be required to finish a private detective training course before or within 30 days of being hired.
  4. In Illinois, you must submit a complete application for licensure.
  5. Taking the Illinois Private Investigator Exam. Registering for your PI test can be done as part of your application for licensure or you can do it online.


  1. You must be 21 years old or older to participate.
  2. You must have three years of PI experience (on average, working full time).
  3. Following your application, you will be contacted to discuss taking the PI exam.
  4. Following the receipt of your PI license, you will be required to complete an authorized PI course within 30 days.

How long does it take to become a private investigator Illinois?

Illinois Training Courses. Within 30 days of employment, private investigators in Illinois must complete 20 hours of training by a recognized teacher. A certificate or other documentation of your training should accompany your application.

How to get a private investigator license in any state?

In this article, you will learn how to obtain a private investigator license in any state.1 Job Duties and Responsibilities A common practice is for spouses to engage professional detectives to gather evidence of adultery or other criminal behavior in order to create grounds for divorce.Two types of services: training and reference material.

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Three Reciprocity Agreements have been signed.4 Begin operating your company.

What are the requirements to become a private investigator in Maine?

There may also be other license criteria, such as educational qualifications, work experience requirements, tests, and insurance, that must be satisfied. For particular information on how to obtain a private investigator license in Maine, consult the state licensing page.

Are private investigators legal in Illinois?

For Private Investigators in Illinois to be able to provide Private Investigation services, they must first get a state license. It is still necessary for your private investigator to adhere to any out-of-state licensure requirements if your investigation necessitates the case to be moved out of state.

How do you get started as a private investigator?

The following are the steps you need take to become a private investigator:

  1. Investigate the licensing requirements in your state.
  2. Attend classes or earn a bachelor’s degree.
  3. Self-defense training with guns and non-weapons is required.
  4. Comply with the bare minimal criteria.
  5. Pass the licensing exam and get your license.
  6. Pass a background check without being caught.
  7. After passing the exam, keep your license.

How much is it to hire a private investigator in Illinois?

Some instances of typical private investigation fees are as follows: Hourly rate: $60-$70; expenditures may fluctuate depending on the current price of gasoline. For complete background investigation services, there is a one-time fee of $100. Retainer: Some professionals ask a minimum retainer of $1,500 before beginning any work.

Do I need a license to be a private investigator?

Yes, it is possible to work as a private investigator without having a PI license.In’most’ jurisdictions, there are minimal to no restrictions to work under the supervision of a fully licensed Private Investigator who is not themselves licensed.As a result, you will not be allowed to operate as a private investigator for yourself, but you will be able to work as a Private Investigator for a private investigation organization.

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Can a felon be a private investigator?

Candidates with felony histories or misdemeanor convictions involving acts of moral turpitude are generally barred from becoming private investigators in the majority of states, according to state legislation. In the criminal justice system, a crime of moral turpitude is one that breaches the ethical norms of a society.

How much does a PI make?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the national average annual salary for a private investigator is $57,100, which is slightly less than $6,000 higher than the national average annual wage for all professions, which is $51,960.

How do private investigators get clients?

Other investigators’ recommendations and some of these instruments are included in the following list.

  1. Business cards are important.
  2. Freebies or swag are provided.
  3. Pay a visit to your target customers.
  4. Events can be sponsored.
  5. Consider being engaged in community events.
  6. Become involved in pro bono work.
  7. Sending out newsletters
  8. Create and maintain a blog

How much is a private investigator in us?

Approximately $70 per hour, according to a survey done by Thumbtack in 2017, is the average cost of hiring a private investigator. The typical cost of a task, according to other industry experts, is from $40 and $200 per hour, depending on the intricacy of the job.

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