How To Get An Insurance License In Arizona?

To get an insurance license in Arizona, you must first pass a state licensing exam for each line of authority you want to work in. The exam prep content from Kaplan is directly based on the Arizona license exams, ensuring that you pass the first time. You must pass a state licensure exam after completing your exam prep course.

How to Obtain an Insurance License in the State of Arizona 1. Completing an Insurance Exam Prep Course is the first step. When it comes to obtaining an insurance license in Arizona, prelicensing study is not necessary; nonetheless, people who finish one of Kaplan’s test prep courses have a considerably greater chance of passing their licensing examination.

How to check if an insurance agent is licensed in Arizona?

The Arizona Department of Insurance license lookup tool may be used to determine whether or not an insurance agent holds an Arizona insurance license. You may check the license by clicking on the following link. The Arizona Life Insurance License lookup tool may be used to determine whether or not a person has been verified as a life insurance agent.

How much does it cost to get an insurance license in Arizona?

What is the cost of obtaining an insurance license in Arizona? You should expect to spend around $375 on your insurance course, application, and exam overall. If you do not pass the exam on your first try, you will be charged an additional $56 for each subsequent attempt. What is the process for obtaining a life insurance license in Arizona?

How do I renew my insurance license in Arizona?

You can renew your license online using the Arizona State Information Center’s Insurance Licensing Search and Renewal website, and then print your license through the Arizona Department of Insurance’s online license printing service. How can I check the credentials of an Insurance Agent in Arizona?

Do I need a P&C or L&H license in Arizona?

Most insurance agents and producers prefer to obtain both property and casualty and life and health licenses, but if you intend on concentrating in only one category, you do not need to obtain all of the necessary licenses.A separate license is required for insurance adjusters.More information on how to become an insurance adjuster can be found at the following link: Arizona Insurance Adjuster License.

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How long does it take to get insurance license in Arizona?

When the Arizona Department of Insurance determines that you have met all of the requirements for a license, your license will be made available through the License Search feature on this website. You will not receive a printed copy of your driver’s license certificate. Processing time for license applications might take up to one month.

How much does an Arizona insurance license cost?

The charge for obtaining a Property and Casualty Insurance License from the Arizona Department of Insurance is $120. Fees are non-refundable under any circumstances. Please keep in mind that the Eligibility Period for Arizona Insurance Exams is 90 days from the date of enrollment.

Is the Arizona Insurance test hard?

In order to prepare for your insurance licensure test in Arizona, you should be aware of the procedures and requirements. Each test brings its unique set of difficulties. When compared to the Life test, the Accident & Health exam is typically more challenging for students to pass. Due to the fact that health insurance policies are more complex than life insurance policies, this is true.

How long is the Arizona life insurance exam?

Series 13-33 of the Life, Accident, and Health or Sickness Exam has 150 questions, and you will have 150 minutes to finish them. The following is a breakdown of the key sections of the examination: 4 percent of the budget is allocated on licensing and regulation. General Insurance Concepts accounted for 6 percent of the total.

How do you become a broker in Arizona?

To become a licensed real estate agent or broker in Arizona, you must be at least 18 years old and have three years of actual experience as a licensed real estate agent or broker within the previous five years, as shown by the LI-226 form (Required for testing and licensing). It is necessary for you to finish 90 hours of instruction, which is divided into 45 modules.

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How do you get a life Licence in Arizona?

The Procedures for Obtaining an Arizona Life Insurance License

  1. First, you must complete an Arizona Insurance Pre-license Course
  2. Second, you must pass the Arizona Life Insurance Licensing Exam
  3. Third, you must submit your fingerprints for a background check.
  4. Step 4: Submit an Arizona Life Insurance License Application
  5. Step 5: Mail your Fingerprint Card and Form L-152 to the Arizona Department of Insurance.

How many questions is the AZ Property and casualty exam?

There are a total of 150 questions. There is a time limit of 150 minutes. 70 percent of the students passed the test.

General Insurance 6%
Property and Casualty Insurance Basics 15%
Dwelling Policy 9%
Homeowners Policy 15%

What does P&C stand for in insurance?

Property insurance and casualty insurance (commonly known as P&C insurance) are forms of coverage that can help to safeguard you and the assets you have acquired through your business operations.

What does it take to get your insurance license?

  1. What is the process for obtaining a life insurance license? Complete any prelicensing education requirements imposed by the state in which you wish to get a license. The amount of hours you’ll need to put in and the fee will vary from state to state.
  2. Completion of a state-issued insurance licensure test for either life insurance or life and health insurance.
  3. You must pass a background check.

How many questions are on the Arizona insurance exam?

What is the total number of questions on the Arizona insurance exam? The amount of questions varies depending on the exam, ranging from 60 to 150. (see chart above).

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Does AZ require an adjuster license?

After everything is said and done, Arizona residents will want to earn their resident Arizona adjuster license — regardless of whether they intend to work claims in the state or not. It is strongly recommended that independent catastrophe adjusters who operate outside of the state but have their principal residence in Arizona apply for this license.

How do I get my Arizona adjusters license?

Requirements for obtaining an Arizona Adjuster’s License

  1. A person who is 18 years old or older
  2. To be eligible, you must pass the Arizona state exam provided by Prometric Testing Centers.
  3. The Arizona Insurance Adjuster License application must be completed and submitted, as well as the $120 application cost.
  4. Fingerprints must be submitted, and a basic background check must be completed
  5. There is no requirement for continuing education.

How do I renew my Arizona insurance license?


  1. Using, you may change your license details and renew your license
  2. Alternatively, you can download, complete, sign, and mail or deliver Form L-191 together with your payment.

How do you get a wholesale license Arizona?

  1. Obtain and complete the Motor Vehicle Dealer Application (Form 46-0408).
  2. Provide your fingerprint cards (Form FD-258) in an envelope that has been sealed by a fingerprint specialist.
  3. Please include any extra documentation that may be necessary.
  4. Fees: $15 for the filing cost, and $30 for the background check charge (per application).

What insurance companies are in Arizona?

As a representative of the Arizona Automobile Insurance Company (AAIC) (Phoenix, AZ). These Credit Ratings (ratings) have been placed under review as a result of a signed final agreement under which Trexis Insurance Company was named as a party.

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