What Gpa Is Required For Indiana University?

Indiana University Bloomington has an overall grade point average of 3.73. (Most schools use a weighted grade point average (GPA) out of 4.0, however some institutions publish an unweighted grade point average. Indiana University Bloomington requires you to have a grade point average of 3.73 or above in your high school class in order to get admitted.

What are the requirements to get into Indiana University?

See what is necessary for first-year admission to Indiana University’s seven campuses, two regional centers, and IU Online, as well as other requirements. What sort of high school diploma is necessary to be considered for admission to IU? Before enrolling at any of the nine Indiana University campuses, students must have earned an approved high school diploma or its equivalent.

What is the average SAT score for Indiana University?

According to the admissions statistics, the vast majority of Indiana University’s accepted students score in the top 35 percent of all SAT takers in the United States. Fifty percent of students accepted to Indiana University scored between 580 and 670 on the evidence-based reading and writing portion, while 25 percent scored less than 580 and 25 percent scored more than 670 on the test.

What are my chances of getting into Indiana University?

If your SAT/ACT scores and grade point average fall within the school’s typical limits, you have a good chance of getting admitted into the program. You should keep in mind that nearly half of all admitted students are from inside the state of Indiana itself.

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