What Time Is The Solar Eclipse 2017 In Indiana?

A 91 percent eclipse will take place in central Indiana, which means that just a portion of the sun’s light will be blocked out. The eclipse will begin at around 12:57 p.m., reach its maximum intensity at approximately 2:25 p.m., and end approximately 3:45 p.m.

When is the next total eclipse in Indianapolis?

  1. 4:23 PM EDT Concerning the Total Eclipse of 2024 The long total eclipse drought will finally come to an end in Indianapolis on April 8, 2024, when the circle city will see its first complete solar eclipse in 819 years.
  2. The line of totality for the eclipse will go through the United States, starting in Texas and ending in Maine, with the Indianapolis region being close to the geographical center of the path.

What is the path of the solar eclipse 2017?

  1. What you need to know about the solar eclipse in 2017 Between the hours of 10:17 a.m.
  2. and 2:47 p.m.
  3. on August 21, 2017, the path of the complete eclipse, also known as the path of totality, will travel across the United States from the coast of Oregon to the coast of South Carolina.
  4. The total solar eclipse will be visible over the whole United States, although its appearance may vary from place to place.

What is a solar eclipse and when is it?

On August 21, a remarkable natural event that hasn’t been seen in almost a century will take place on our planet for about three minutes: a total solar eclipse that will be viewable from coast to coast. NASA explains that a solar eclipse occurs when the moon is in front of the sun at the time of a new moon. This causes the sun’s rays to be fully obscured.

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Where can you see the solar eclipse in Bloomington?

The event is coordinated by the Indiana University Bloomington Office of Science Outreach, IU Arts and Humanities Council, IU College of Arts and Sciences and IU Bloomington Office of the Provost. The eclipse will be visible in Bloomington from 12:57 to 3:49 p.m., with the best viewing period at 2:25 p.m.

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