What To Do In Kansas City Tonight?

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What is going on in Kansas City this weekend?

Ali Sodal and Rian Marques, both players for the Kansas City Comets, had a busy weekend but are looking forward to playing the Milwaukee Wave in a home-and-home doubleheader this coming weekend. The Comets are now 9-1-1 in the Major Arena Soccer League, and the following is a rundown of this week’s Comets events:

What are the best things to see in Kansas?

On Monday, tickets for the front row for the Cincinnati Bengals game sold by Ticketmaster were going for around $6,600 each. Prices in the amount of $10,000 were asked for the better seats. The first row seats are priced at $70,000 apiece. Following the Bengals’ victory over the Kansas City Chiefs in the American Football Conference,

What to do in Kansas City this weekend?

  1. Friends University will be hosting a jazz festival.
  2. Winterfest Bluegrass Festival.
  3. The Second Coming of the Flea Market
  4. Live performance by Stoney LaRue
  5. The song ″Down to the Bar″ is performed by Cole Swindell.
  6. Karen Carpenter homage.
  7. Folk music may be heard at Wave.

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