When Is Hunting Season In Indiana?

Hunting squirrels is lawful all year in Indiana, with the exception of the Panhandle area, where it is prohibited. The season runs from August 15 to January 31, with the peak being on August 15. To be seen to squirrels during this time period, hunters must dress in bright orange to ensure that they are apparent to them.

Hunting Seasons

2021-2022 Indiana Hunting Seasons
Spring April 27, 2022 – May 15, 2022
Fall Archery (statewide) Oct. 1, 2021 – Oct. 31, 2021
Dec. 4, 2021 – Jan. 2, 2022
Fall Firearms Oct. 20, 2021 – Oct. 31, 2021 (see Wild Turkey for counties)

What animals can you hunt in Indiana in 2019?

Indiana’s hunting seasons for 2019-2020 are shown below. Indiana’s hunting seasons include various deer seasons as well as a variety of small game seasons. Hunting chances for turkey, squirrel, grouse, and other forest wildlife round out the hunting options. Trapping seasons for foxes, coyotes, raccoons, and other fur-bearing species are also available in Indiana.

What are the hunting seasons in Indiana 2020?

Indiana’s Hunting Seasons for 2020-2021 are shown below. Firearms for the Fall Fall Archery will be held from October 21 through November 1. The Spring General Season runs from October 1 to November 1 and December 5 to January 3. From April 21 to May 9, The Spring Youth Season runs from April 17th to April 18th.

Where can I find the hunting season dates?

When does the hunting season begin and end? The most up-to-date version of the Hunting & Trapping Guide, as well as hunting.IN.gov, are the best resources for finding these dates. Do you have any more questions? Make a request by submitting an online form. Is it permissible for me to carry a weapon when visiting an Indiana State Park?

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When can you hunt deer in Indiana?

For all deer seasons, the legal hunting hours are from one-half hour before sunrise to one-half hour after sunset, Monday through Friday.

What day does deer season start in Indiana?

The following dates are available: November 12-27, 2022.

What can you hunt in Indiana right now?

  1. Indiana hunting seasons in 2022: Here’s all you need to know about the Indiana beaver season.
  2. It’s coyote and striped skunk season in Indiana.
  3. The crow hunting season in Indiana has begun.
  4. Indiana’s deer hunting season is now open.
  5. It’s turtle season in Indiana.
  6. Indiana geese season is in full swing.
  7. Indiana’s gray and fox squirrel seasons are underway.
  8. The green frog and bullfrog breeding season in Indiana

Can I hunt in my backyard in Indiana?

According to Jet Quillen, a spokeswoman for the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, state law does not restrict archery hunting in any place ″as long as it is done in a safe manner.″ This involves not launching an arrow over a road or stream, being able to clearly see the animal being sought, and being aware of what is lurking in the shadows behind the target.

Can I hunt on my own land without a license in Indiana?

Farmland owners or lessees who farm their land and who are residents of Indiana are exempt from the requirement to get a permit when hunting, fishing, or trapping on the property they own or lease. In addition, a license is not necessary for the spouse or children of the proprietor or lessee who reside with them.

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Is 308 legal for deer in Indiana?

308 cartridges (such as the 270 Winchester) are permitted, although a hunter may not have more than 10 of them in his possession while out in the field. Rifles using pistol cartridges, which have been permitted in past years, may still be used to hunt deer on both private and public lands in the state of Washington.

How long is deer season in Indiana?

Indiana Deer Seasons

Reduction Zone Hunt Sept. 15-Jan. 31
Youth Hunt Sept. 25-26
Archery Oct. 1-Jan. 2
Firearms Nov. 13-28
Muzzleloader Dec. 4-19

Can you shoot a deer on your own property in Indiana?

Recognize the areas where you have authorization to hunt and where you do not. Never shoot or hunt a deer on private land unless you have permission to do so. Not only is it impolite, but it is also against the law in Indiana.

What caliber rifle is legal for deer hunting in Indiana?

Rifles chambered in.243 and.30 calibers with a case length of at least 1.16 inches and barrels longer than 16 inches are now permitted for deer hunting in Indiana if they have a case length of at least 1.16 inches and a barrel length of at least 16 inches. Everything else, even the kitchen sink (but not limited to).

Can you hunt with a red dot in Indiana?

Red dot sights are permitted for all types of hunting.

Can you hunt with dogs in Indiana?

A valid Indiana hunting license is required for anybody who wishes to pursue wild animals with dogs. License Exemptions can be found on the License Information page. It is permissible to hunt and chase foxes throughout the month of October.

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Where is the best deer hunting in Indiana?

  1. According to the Department of Natural Resources, the following were the top ten counties for deer harvesting for the 2020-2021 season: Noble (3,116)
  2. Lincoln (3,116)
  3. And Washington (3,116).
  4. Steuben (3,076)
  5. Kosciusko (2,628)
  6. Dearborn, Michigan (2,487)
  7. Franklin (with a population of 2,480)
  8. LaGrange (population: 2,473)
  9. DeKalb County (2,393)
  10. Harrison (2,390) and others

How far off the road can you hunt in Indiana?

As long as the hunter is on private land and not on a public road, there is no prescribed distance between him and the road. A person, however, commits an offense under Section 42.01(a) of the Penal Code if the person discharges a firearm on, across, or across the middle of a public road with the purpose to or knowledge of doing so.

Can you hunt deer with an AR 15 in Indiana?

The Indiana General Assembly enacted a modification to the state’s rifle legislation this year, according to Hahsh. As a result, hunters who shoot deer on public land, which includes both state and federal property, will no longer be able to use rifles. Guns on public property are the only thing that the amendment impacts.

What guns can you hunt deer with in Indiana?

  1. The Indiana Department of Natural Resources outlines the new deer hunting rifle legislation (6mm-06)
  2. BR Remington, 6mm caliber
  3. 6mm PPC
  4. Remington 6mm
  5. 6mm Remington
  6. 240 Weatherby Street
  7. 243 Winchester
  8. 243 Winchester Super Short Magnum
  9. .30 caliber carbine

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