Where Is Coles County, Illinois?

Coles County is one of the counties that make up Illinois. The population was 46,863 according to the census completed in the year 2020. Charleston, which serves as both the county seat and the location of Eastern Illinois University, is the city in question. The Charleston-Mattoon, Illinois Micropolitan Statistical Area includes Coles County as an integral element.

Where is the town of Coles?

Coles is a community located in Coles County, Illinois, United States, however it is not a formally established municipality. Mattoon is located around 6 miles (9.7 km) to the northwest of Coles.

What are the largest counties in Illinois?

Hardin County is the least populated of these counties, yet it has the second-highest population of any county in the United States.Cook County, which contains Chicago, is the most populous of these counties.The county with the lowest landmass is Putnam County, whereas McLean County has the most land area.The FIPS state code for Illinois is 17, while the postal abbreviation for the state is IL.

What is Charleston Illinois known for?

Public art and facilities for performing arts have helped Charleston earn its reputation as an artists mecca. There are nine murals throughout the city, the majority of them are located in the downtown area. They portray historical events such as Abraham Lincoln’s final train voyage to Charleston and the Charleston Riot of 1864, among other historical events.

What township is Charleston Illinois?

Charleston, South Carolina
State South Carolina
Historic colony Colony of South Carolina
Counties Charleston, Berkeley
Named for Charles II of England
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What county is Eastern Illinois University in?

This section of the website, under ″Locities,″ offers connections to various materials on the history of Eastern Illinois University, Coles County, and the state of Illinois.

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