Where Is Indiana On The Map?

Where on the Map is Indiana Located?In the United States, the state of Indiana may be found in the coordinates 40.0° North and 86.0° West.Indiana’s western border is shared with Illinois, while its northern boundary is shared with Michigan, its eastern border is shared with Ohio, its southern and southeastern border is shared with Kentucky, and its eastern border is shared with Ohio.The entire distance that the border extends is 1,696 kilometers.

Where is Indiana State US map located?

A map illustrating the location of Indiana inside the United States.Great Lakes Region of the United States is where the state of Indiana may be found, as indicated by the map that has been provided for its location.However, the state of Indiana in the United States shares its border with the states of Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, and Illinois.Michigan is to the north, Ohio is to the east, Kentucky is to the south and south-east, and Illinois is to the west.

What is the relative location of Indiana?

Because of its location along the Lake Michigan shoreline and its proximity to the state of Michigan to the north, the state of Ohio to the east, the state of Kentucky to the south, and the state of Illinois to the west, Indiana is an essential component of the American Midwest.It is the smallest state west of the Appalachian Mountains and ranks 38th among the 50 states of the United States in terms of total area.The only state smaller than it is Hawaii.

What states border Indiana to the north?

Overview. The state of Michigan and Lake Michigan can be found to the north of Indiana, while the state of Ohio can be found to the east of the state, Kentucky can be found to the south, and Illinois can be found to the west of Indiana. One of the states that make up the Great Lakes region is Indiana. The state lines that divide Ohio, Indiana, and Indiana to the north

What is the total area of Indiana?

Due to its total area of 36,419.55 square miles (or 94,326.2 km 2), Indiana ranks as the 38th biggest state among the 50 states in terms of size.The greatest body of water that is entirely or partially included within the boundaries of the state is Lake Michigan.The state’s highest elevation is found in Wayne County at Hoosier Hill, which is 1,257 feet (or 383 meters) above mean sea level.

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Which side of USA is Indiana?

Indiana, a state that may be found in the Midwest of the United States, is one of the eight states that comprise the Great Lakes Region. The Wabash River serves as a partial divider between Indiana and its neighboring states of Illinois, Ohio, and Michigan, which are located to its north, east, and west, respectively.

What is Indiana known for?

  1. The state of Indiana is well-known for its extensive farmlands and
  2. Corn
  3. The Indianapolis 500
  4. Steel mills
  5. A reference to the University of Notre Dame
  6. Basketball for students in high school

Is Indiana a good place to live?

If you’re seeking for the best city in the United States to launch your career, Indianapolis comes in at number 21.This is because of the rapidly expanding technology sector as well as the healthcare business.According to Forbes Magazine, the cost of living in Indianapolis is 7.6 percent lower than the average cost of living in the United States, making it an excellent location in which to not only live but also find employment.

What country is Indiana located?

Indiana State Facts

Country: United States
Highest Point: Hoosier Hill
Lowest Point: Confluence of Ohio River and Wabash River
Timezone: Eastern: UTC −5/−4, Central: UTC −6/−5
Official Website: https://www.in.gov/

Is Indiana safe?

Out of the 50 states and the District of Columbia, Indiana has the 21st-lowest rate of property crime, where 1 is the lowest and 50 is the highest.In the next year, there is a 1.97 percent risk that you may become a victim of a property crime in the state of Indiana.The rate of property crime in Indiana is seven percentage points lower than the average rate of property crime in the United States.

Does it snow in Indiana?

The snowy season of the year begins on November 25 and continues until March 24.During this time, there is an average snowfall of at least 1.0 inches every sliding 31-day period.February is the month that sees the greatest snowfall in Indianapolis, with an average of 3.7 inches of snowfall during that month.The time of year when there is no chance of snowfall lasts for a total of eight months, beginning on March 24 and ending on November 25.

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What are 3 interesting facts about Indiana?

  1. HAD YOU ANY IDEA That the official colors of the state are blue and gold
  2. The statehouse of Indiana is the first in the nation to have a place of worship
  3. The phrase ″The Crossroads of America″ was selected to serve as the official motto of the state in 1937.
  4. The usage of the state seal dates back to the year 1801, and it was formally approved for use in 1963.
  5. The 19th state to join the Union was Indiana, which did so in the year 1816.

Who is the most famous person from Indiana?

  1. Entertainers King of Pop: Michael Jackson Gary, Indiana can lay claim to having been the birthplace of not just one of the most renowned acts in the annals of pop music but also the single most famous act ever.
  2. Janet Jackson.
  3. The actor James Dean
  4. Adam Lambert.
  5. Cole Porter.
  6. David Letterman.
  7. Jenna Fischer

What is the main industry in Indiana?

The production of chemicals is the most important sector of the economy in Indiana, contributing 6.1 percent to the overall GDP of the state, which is $379.7 billion.The economic production of the industry is estimated to equal $23.3 billion annually, representing a growth of 15.6% over the course of the previous five years.About 31,600 people are employed in this sector of the economy in Indiana, which is equivalent to one percent of the state’s overall workforce.

Is it expensive to live in Indiana?

Indiana. Although Indiana’s total cost of living index comes in at 90.4, which places it tenth among the states with the lowest cost of living overall, this does not in any way imply that living there would break the bank for you.

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Is Indiana a friendly state?

It was determined that Indiana is one of the top 10 friendliest states. Big Seven Travel had this to say about Indiana’s ranking: Residents of Indiana take great pleasure in their remarkable ″Hoosier hospitality,″ in which they go above and beyond for the benefit of other individuals. The locals are known for their kind demeanor and hilarious sense of humor.

How cold does it get in Indiana?

July is the warmest month of the year in Indiana, with an average high temperature of 83 degrees Fahrenheit and a low temperature of 63 degrees Fahrenheit.The cold season begins on December 1 and continues until March 5, during which time the average daily high temperature is lower than 46 degrees Fahrenheit.January in Indiana is the coldest month of the year, with an average low temperature of 22 degrees Fahrenheit and a high temperature of 37 degrees Fahrenheit.

Is Indiana mainland USA?

Indiana is a state that takes a great deal of pleasure in its nickname, ″the Hoosier State.″ The state of Indiana may be found in both the Great Lakes Region and the Midwestern Region of the United States of America. Population and Squatter Density in the State of Indiana

State Name Indiana
Statehood Year 1816

How far is Indiana from California by plane?

The amount of time it takes to fly from Indiana to California The entire time spent in the air traveling from Indiana to California is 4 hours and 10 minutes. This is based on the assumption that a commercial aircraft travels at an average speed of flight of 500 miles per hour, which is equal to 805 kilometers per hour or 434 knots.

What is Indiana known for historically?

As the ″Limestone Capital of the World,″ Bedford may be found in the state of Indiana. The Empire State Building in New York City, the Pentagon and the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C., as well as other state capitols, were all built out of Indiana limestone, which is admired for its light color and ease of cutting.

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