Where Is Upperco Maryland?

In the U.S. state of Maryland, Upperco is an unincorporated settlement that is located in both Baltimore and Carroll counties.

How many houses are there in Upperco MD?

There are 313,734 housing units in Upperco, Maryland; roughly 299,877 of these housing units are inhabited, while the remaining 13,857 housing units are empty. Over the years, several types of residences have come and gone, but detached single-family homes have stayed relatively unchanged.

How many people live in Upperco?

Upperco has a population of roughly 2,349 people, whereas Baltimore County as a whole has a population of approximately 754,292 people.Because we want those who are coming to Upperco or already live there to have a better grasp of the dynamics of the city, we have compiled material that has been acquired from a variety of credible sources in order to provide you with a deeper insight into Upperco.

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