Where Is Veedersburg, Indiana?

  1. Veedersburg.
  2. Town.
  3. Location of Veedersburg in Fountain County, Indiana, near the intersection of Main Street and West Second Street (Route 136).
  4. Veedersburg.
  5. Position within Fountain County held by the town of Veedersburg.
  1. The coordinates for this location are 40°6′50′′ North and 87°15′37′′ West, or more specifically, 40.11389° North and 87.26028° West.
  2. These are the coordinates: 40°6’50″ North, 87°15’37″ West.

What is in Veedersburg Indiana?

  1. Best Things To Do in Veedersburg, Indiana Flea market located at Steam Corner. 3.5 (6 Votes)
  2. Veedersburg Public Library. 5 (5 Votes)
  3. Hub Park. 4.5 (6 Votes)
  4. The First Christian Church that Follows the Teachings of Christ. 301 N Mill St
  5. Parsonage of the United Methodist Church, 510 North Mill Street
  6. Church Of God. 702 W 2nd St
  7. Songer Airport. 54 W Bonebrake Rd
  8. The Sanctuary of the Madman

What township is Covington Indiana?

Covington is located in Fountain County, Indiana, United States, and serves as the county seat for that county. At the time of the census in 2010, there were 2,645 people living there. Covington is located in Indiana.

Country United States
State Indiana
County Fountain
Township Troy

When was Veedersburg founded?

Peter S. Veeder, Christopher Keeling, and W. L. D. Cochran were the ones responsible for laying out the town of Veedersburgh in 1871. Veedersburgh was not incorporated until 1872. The letter ″h″ was removed from the town’s name on December 13, 1893, making Veedersburg the only place in the world to bear this name.

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