Who Played Young Georgia In Ginny And Georgia?

15. In Ginny & Georgia, who plays the role of young Georgia? – Nikki Roumel.

Who played young Zion in Ginny and Georgia?

What you need to know about Kyle Bary, the actor who portrays young Zion, is included below.

Who’s Georgia in Ginny and Georgia?

Georgia Miller is played by Brianne Howey. Brianne Howey, the other half of Ginny & Georgia, is a 31-year-old actress who portrays Georgia Miller, a single mother who relocates her daughters Ginny and Austin to the town of Wellsbury in order to start a new chapter in their lives.

How old was Georgia in Ginny and Georgia?

A New England village where Ginny Miller, a ″15-year-old who is more mature than her 30-year-old mother,″ Georgia, chooses to settle down with her daughter Ginny and son Austin in order to provide them with a better life than she had is the setting for Ginny & Georgia.

Who played young Ginny?

Ginny Miller is played by Antonia Gentry. Antonia Gentry, a 23-year-old actress who is new to the cinema, portrays Georgia’s adolescent daughter Ginny (don’t call her Virginia, please).

Who plays the young dad in Ginny and Georgia?

Nathan Mitchell is a young man who lives in the United States. In Ginny and Georgia, the character of Zion is portrayed by two different performers. Nathan Mitchell is the actor that portrays Zion in the present day. Ginny’s father is referred to as ″Ginny.″

Who is Austin’s dad Ginny and Georgia?

On the television show ″Ginny & Georgia,″ who is Austin’s father? Gil Timmins is Austin’s father, and he is yet another man Georgia fled from when their relationship came crashing down. In terms of Georgia’s ex-husband, Gil, the first season of the show didn’t reveal anything about him. At the start of the program, Austin is nine years old, and Georgia is thirty years old today.

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Who is Kenny Drexel Ginny Georgia?

Darryl Scheelar is an actor who has been in a number of films. In Ginny & Georgia, he plays the role of Kenny Drexel.

What is Nora’s last name in Ginny and Georgia?

Norah is a fictional character in the Netflix original series Ginny & Georgia. Chelsea Clark is the actress that plays her. Seasons.

First Appearance Last Appearance
Pilot The Worst Betrayal Since Jordyn and Kylie

Is Georgia Ginny’s mom?

A 30-year-old woman named Georgia Miller (born Mary Atkins) who used to go by the name of Georgia Warren, she currently resides in the town of Wellsbury in the United States. She is the mother of Ginny Miller and Austin Miller, as well as several more children. She is played by Brianne Howey, while her adolescent counterpart is played by Nikki Roumel, who are both based on real people.

How old is Hunter from Ginny and Georgia in real life?

Hunter Masonic Temple is a temple dedicated to Masonry. Mason Temple was born on January 17, 1996, making him the eldest of the cast members who portray 15-year-old sophomores. He is the son of actor Mason Temple, who was born on January 17, 1996. There is a ten-year age difference between him and his on-screen character Hunter.

How old is Joe from Ginny and Georgia?

However, thanks to his current part in Netflix’s Ginny & Georgia, the 31-year-old actor is finally able to portray the type of character he has always wanted to portray. ″Playing a main part as a POC young guy in a Netflix series is more essential to me personally than simply obtaining a job,″ Ablack adds. ″It’s more vital than just getting a job.″

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How old is Abby from Ginny and Georgia?

Katie Emily Douglas was born on October 19, 1998, in the Canadian city of Burlington. She is currently 22 years old and began her acting career when she was a youngster.

Who plays Nick in Ginny and Georgia?

Seasons. Ginny & Georgia’s Nick is a fictional character created by Netflix. Dan Beirne is the actor that plays him.

Who plays teenage Georgia?

Nikki Roumel takes on the role of Young Georgia.

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