Why Are Flags At Half Mast In Indiana?

INTERLUDE: INDIANAPOLIS – In honor of the one million lives that were lost in the United States due to COVID-19, Governor Eric J. Holcomb has ordered that flags across the state of Indiana be flown at a half-staff until further notice. The order to fly flags at half-staff was given by Vice President Joe Biden, and it goes into effect immediately and continues until sundown on Monday.

In honor of the one million lives lost to COVID-19 in the United States, Governor Eric J. Holcomb has ordered flags to be flown in Indiana at a half-staff position until further notice. A press announcement stated that in accordance with an order from Vice President Joe Biden, all flags should be flown at half-staff immediately until sunset on Monday.

Why are flags in Indiana at half-staff today?

  1. INDIANAPOLIS (Associated Press) — On Wednesday, Governor Eric Holcomb of Indiana ordered that flags on all state-owned property be lowered to the half-staff position in remembrance of Madeleine Albright, who served as Secretary of State in the previous administration.
  2. It is appropriate to fly flags at a half-staff position until sundown on Sunday.
  3. Holcomb is requesting that citizens and businesses in the state of Indiana lower their flags as well.

Why is the flag at half-staff at the Michigan State Capitol?

In memory of former state Representative Woodr, Governor Gretchen Whitmer has ordered both the United States and Michigan flags flying within the State Capitol Complex be lowered to half-staff on Wednesday, February 23, 2022.

Why did Biden order flags to be lowered at half-staff?

The flags at the White House, public buildings, military stations, and embassies were all ordered to be lowered to half-staff by Vice President Joe Biden. Just two weeks ago, Biden issued an order to lower flags as a symbol of respect for those who had passed away; now, he has issued a statement saying that he has the’solemn obligation’ to direct that flags be down again.

Why is the Texas flag at half-staff in Eastland County?

Throughout memory of Deputy Barbara Fenley, Governor Abbott has granted permission for the Texas and United States flags to remain at half-staff in Eastland County from March 18, 2022 until the time of her burial (which is unknown). …

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Why is the US flag at half-mast today in Indiana?

Half-Staff Alert for April 3, 2022: Governor Holcomb of Indiana has ordered all flags in the state to be flown at half-staff until further notice in order to commemorate the life and sacrifice of United States Marine Corps Captain Matthew Tomkiewicz of Fort Wayne.

Why is flag at half-mast today 2022?

Flags are at half-staff On Thursday, May 12, 2022, in the City Hall in Los Angeles. By flying their flags at half-staff, towns and cities around the United States, including those in Southern California, are showing respect for the one million lives that were lost to COVID-19.

Why are US flags at half-mast?

  1. It is intended to be a symbol of the sadness felt by the nation.
  2. There are times when the flag should be flown at a half-staff in honor of someone or something.
  3. The most recent time that the flag was flown at half-staff on a national basis was on February 21st, 2021.
  4. This was done in memory of the more than 500,000 lives that were lost in the United States as a result of the Covid-19 outbreak.

Should my flag still be at half-mast?

When do flags begin to be flown at a half-staff position? Unless the flag can be lighted nightly, it must be flown at a height of half-staff between the hours of sunrise and sunset, as required by customs.

Is it half mast half-staff?

  1. The phrase ″half-mast″ is the one that is recommended by dictionaries, as it appears to be more acceptable when used aboard a ship (as ships have masts).
  2. The word ″half-staff″ is the preferred term that is used in the Flag Code and in presidential proclamations.
  3. It appears more suitable to use this term on land.
  4. We term it a draw.
  5. In common parlance, one of these phrases may be substituted for the other.
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Why are Ky flags at half mast?

In memory of the Kentucky Marine, Beshear ordered flags to be flown at half-staff. FRANKFORT, Ky (WSAZ) – In memory of a Kentucky native who served in the United States Marine Corps and was killed while participating in a NATO exercise in Europe, Governor Andy Beshear has ordered that flags at all state buildings be lowered to half-staff from dawn to sunset on Monday, April 4.

How to know when to put the flag at half-mast?

(at half-staff) when a country or a state is in a state of mourning. It is possible to command flags to be flown at half-staff by the president, a state governor, or the mayor of the District of Columbia. This is done through the use of a presidential proclamation.

Why is the American Flag lowered?

A gesture of respect, grief, or distress can be shown by lowering the flag. The word ″half-mast″ is used in most English-speaking nations, but in the United States, it is exclusively used to refer to the way that flags are flown on ships. Traditionally, in the United States, a state or the entire nation enters a state of mourning when the flag is lowered to half-staff.

What does it mean when the flag is upside down?

″unless as a signal of urgent distress in times of great risk to life or property,″ the United States Flag Code states that the flag shall never be displayed in an inverted position, even in extreme emergency situations.

What is the rule for flying the flag at half-staff?

The display of a flag at half-staff or half-mast is a show of respect and sympathy at times of loss. It is flown after the passing of certain government figures, at times of national emergency, on a variety of holidays, and at any other time it is commanded to do so by the president or the government.

How long do flags stay at half-mast?

After the passing of the President of the United States or a past President of the United States, the flag should be flown at half-staff for a period of thirty days at all government buildings, grounds, and naval vessels throughout the United States, its territories, and its possessions.

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What flags can be flown with the American Flag?

It is against the law to fly any other flag higher than the United States flag. The Headquarters of the United States is the one area where this rule is not strictly adhered to; there, the UN flag is permitted to be flown higher than the flags of any and all member nations.

When should a flag be flown at half mast?

When Should the Flag Be Displayed at Half-Staff? (Mast) Half-Staff Dates & Flag Rules Traditional Dates for Flying Half-Staff for Law Enforcement Officers The 15th of May is Memorial Day, unless that day also happens to be Armed Forces Day. (sunrise to sunset) The last Monday of the month of May is Memorial Day (sunrise to noon) The 11th of September, Patriot Day (sunrise to sunset)

Why are flags at half mast in Indianapolis?

In memory of Officer Breann Leath of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb has ordered that flags in Marion County be flown at a half-staff until further notice. – Content Obtained From WLWT Cincinnati

How do you fly a flag at half mast?

  1. Flags at Half-mast.
  2. When a flag is flown at half-mast, it indicates that it is only flown two-thirds of the way up the flagpole.
  3. There is still sufficient space between the top of the flag and the top of the flagpole to accommodate for its full height.
  4. On poles that are tilted at an angle of more than 45 degrees from the vertical, flags cannot be flown at half-mast; however, a mourning cravat can be used in their place (see below).

What days do you fly the flag at half mast?

  1. Fold the paper in half
  2. Refold in half once again
  3. Fold the remaining one third inwards
  4. Roll in the direction of the heading
  5. Use a thin cotton to tie it
  6. The flag is now in a position to be shattered

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