How Do I Get A Golden Buckeye Card In Ohio?

Bring the necessary identification to the Service Desk in order to apply for a Golden Buckeye Card. Residents of Ohio who are at least 60 years old who do not have a birth certificate, a drivers license, or any form of state identification that validates their age are not allowed to vote.

Where can I find more information about the Golden Buckeye card?

Please visit the Golden Buckeye Card website, which may be found here, for further details about the Golden Buckeye Card and the companies that are participating. Check out our website dedicated to senior discounts in Ohio for more information on additional discounts available to seniors in the state.

How do I get a replacement Buckeye card in Ohio?

Replacement card Your Golden Buckeye card should be issued to you automatically if you are a current holder of an Ohio driver’s license or state identification card. Keep an eye out for it in the month leading up to your 60th birthday. Please contact 1-866-301-6446 and follow the prompts to order a new card if you do not receive your card in the mail automatically.

How old do you have to be to get a Buckeye?

Age 18-59. People under the age of 60 who are qualified for a Golden Buckeye card due to a handicap are required to submit an application at a sign-up location. The majority of public libraries and elder centers are included in this category. Make sure they are open and that they have applications available by calling ahead before you get there.

Does IgA in Springfield offer a Golden Buckeye Card discount?

If you have an Ohio Golden Buckeye card, IGA (Independent Grocers Alliance) in Springfield will knock 5 percent off the standard price of grocery goods on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday (please contact your local IGA directly to verify this discount)

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What is a Golden Buckeye Card good for?

  • Through its Golden Buckeye program, the Ohio Department of Aging makes connections between Ohio companies and persons of all ages who have impairments or are seniors.
  • The companies provide the cardholders with a variety of unique savings opportunities, including discounts, fee waivers, free goods or services, and other perks.
  • In exchange, cardholders commit themselves to becoming reliable and consistent clients.

Does Ohio still have the Golden Buckeye Card?

The Ohio Department of Aging is thrilled to share the news that the Golden Buckeye program will soon undergo a comprehensive overhaul. We shall put a hold on the printing of cards at this period so that we can give the program a more modern appearance. Residents of Ohio who will age 60 in October 2021 or later will not obtain their cards until the beginning of 2022.

How old do you have to be for Golden Buckeye Card?

One is qualified to receive a free Golden Buckeye card if they are an Ohio resident and are aged 60 or older, or if they are between the ages of 18 and 59 and have a disability as defined by Social Security.

Where do you get an Ohio Buckeye Card?

  • Everyone in the state of Ohio who possesses a State ID card or an Ohio Driver’s License will receive a free Buckeye Card at reaching the age of 60, and this card will be issued to them automatically on their 60th birthday.
  • You can submit an application for a Buckeye Card at any public library or senior center in the state in the event that you misplace your card or do not get it in the mail.
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How much discount do you get with a Golden Buckeye Card?

Golden Buckeye cardholders receive a discount equal to fifty percent off the standard entrance price. It is not possible to combine this offer with any other discounts. At the moment of purchase, you are required to provide your card. You are only allowed one reduced entrance with your card each time you come.

Does Walmart offer a senior discount?

Walmart, however, does not provide any form of discount or special pricing for older folks. Target, which is one of Walmart’s most significant competitors, is likewise not in the practice of offering discounts to senior citizens.

What is the Golden Buckeye discount at Ohio State Parks?

Golden Buckeye Card A discount of 10% will be applied to the camping costs on Friday and Saturday. A discount of ten percent off the total price for any additional overnight rentals and day use is available. When making reservations, the cardholder must be listed as the person who will be staying at the property.

How old is a senior citizen?

Published in the article Assisted Living. A person is regarded to be a senior citizen in the United States if they are of retirement age or if they are 62 years old or older. Those who have attained the age of 62 are also included in this definition.

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